Drill Brush

I am now using a “Drill Brush” to clean up my power carvings. To remove wood fuzz, etc. It is a good cheap alternative to a “3M Roloc Bristle Disc”. See above photo.
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Carl’s Kiln Dried Wood Process

Photo: Kiln Dried Wood Process (wood_process_11)

Here is the blank cutting process that I use to get the most out of hardwood kiln dried boards for woodturning.

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Green Wood Sealer

I always recommend “AnchorSeal CLASSIC” when people ask me about Green Wood Sealer!

It is manufactured by UC Coatings in Buffalo, NY. They manufacture two versions of the stuff.

1. AnchorSeal Classic for …, Woodturning Blanks, …

2. AnchorSeal 2 for … A more environmentally friendly version of AnchorSeal Classic.

I DO NOT like AnchorSeal 2. AnchorSeal Classic works better on logs and blanks for Woodturning. Most turners seem to agree with me.
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Magnet Bars for Tools

Photo: Magnet Bars for Tools 1
People are always asking where did you get XYZ?

I purchased the magnetic tool holders in the photos of my studio from Amazon. They are Master Magnetics brand. You can get black or silver ones.

Look for “Master Magnetics Nickel Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder 20 lb
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Silky Landscape Saw

Photo: Silky Landscape Saw 1

I often finish the bottoms on my bowls and hollow forms by parting down to a 1″ tenon and then sawing thru the tenon with the LATHE STOPPED! See photo above.

I recommend using a saw designed to cut wet green wood. A saw with big teeth. With lots of “set” in the teeth.

Beware! The lathe MUST BE STOPPED! Do not use anything with teeth with the lathe running! Do not use anything with out tool rest support!
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Website & Blog Moved to SiteGround

Blog Moved to SiteGound

On 5/6/2022 I moved my www.carlford.us Website & Blog from GoDaddy to SiteGround.

I am now ONLY using www.carlford.us

My email is still carl@carlford.us
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