A Great Little Lathe Review

Photo: A Great Little Lathe Review 1

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Updated: 9/10/2020: This is an oldie. But it is still valid. You can still get the same lathe from Penn State Industries. It is now called the the “KWL-1018VS Turncrafter Commander 10″ Variable Speed Midi Lathe”. The price has gone from $300 to $370 in the last ten years. But, hey, time marches on.

You can get the lathe directly from Penn State Industries or Amazon. The price with shipping may be lower on Amazon before Christmas. At other times it may be higher on Amazon. Beware of high shipping cost at Penn State Industries.

Note: I tend to ignore most of the negative reviews on Amazon, etc about small lathes. There are to many people who pay a low price for a mini lathe and then complain that it can’t do or does not have the quality of a big lathe that costs BIG bucks!

They mount a huge out of balance log on the little mini lathe and then complain it can’t handle it. Or the lathe did not last long. Well, what were they expecting? They beat the hell out of it. Pushed it well beyond it’s capacity and then they complain?