Small Vases & Hollow Forms Demo

Photo: Small Vases & Hollow Forms Demo 1

Click here for the PDF demo handout.

Turning small vases is a great low stress way to learn how to create hollow forms and to experiment with shapes and surface decorations.

Rattles and Christmas ornaments are another great use of small hollow forms that is fun to explore.

This demo focuses on turning and decorating a small hollow form vase from start to finish using Ellsworth style Small Hollowing Tools.

Updated: 9/4/2020. I will still do this demo however for your club or symposium. However, I personally have moved on beyond the Ellsworth style hollowing tools.

I now do most of my hollowing with a Trent Bosch “3/4″ Hollowing Tool Stabilizer” with a Bosch “3/4″ Carbide Straight Hollowing Tool” and a “Trent Bosch Visualizer” TV rig. See my “Carl’s TV Hollowing Rig” blog entry.