Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements

Photo: Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements 1 Here are two quick improvements to “Oneway” tools.

Longer Chuck Wrench Handle

Photo: Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements 2 For me, the bar on the Oneway Chuck handles is to short.   It slips out of my hand, hurts my hand or I can’t get enough leverage.

I have replaced the bar in my chuck handles with a 7-3/4″ long Hardened Steel Shaft. Part # 6112K44 = “Hardened Precision Metric Steel Shaft 8 mm Diameter, 200 mm Length”.  $6 on 2/1/2013.
The 8mm shaft is a perfect substitute.  No drilling, no fuss.   Just pop the red end covers off the existing the rod.  Slip in the new shaft.  Reinstall the red end covers.

I do not want the longer rod to bend easily.  Thus I use a handed steel shaft rather than cold rolled steel rod from local hardware store.   After a year of use the shaft is like new.  No bends.

The photo above shows the old back rod and the new silver shaft.

Add a Shaft Collar to Oneway Wolverine Vee-Arm

Photo: Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements 3 I have added a two-piece shaft cover to Vee-Arm on my Oneway Wolverine grinding jig.   I no longer have to fuss around with pencil marks on the square bar, etc.  See photos.

Photo: Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements 4
Photo: Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements 5

If you have one of those new CBN grinding wheels you will never need to move the collar.  If you have good old grinding wheels like me then you have to move it after you dress the wheels a few times.   A lot less often then you might think.

A 1″ round shaft collar works on the 3/4″ square bar IF AND ONLY IF it is a “Two-Piece” shaft collar.  One piece solid or split collar will not work.   They are just a little to big.  The extra play in a  two piece shaft collar makes it just the right size.  Or you can just take it apart and grind a little off the flat ends. Part # 6436K18 = ‘Two-Piece Clamp-on Shaft Collar Steel, 1″ Bore, 1-3/4″ Outside Diameter, 1/2″ Width’  $4.25 on 2/1/2013

Photo: Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements 6