Big Gulp Dust Hood

Photo: Big Gulp Dust Hood 1

Someone asked about the Dust Collector in the photo behind my 3520B lathe.

I like the “Big Gulp Dust Hood” from PSI (Penn State Industries) sold on Amazon, Rockler, etc. I have tried others and I have made my own. I like the Big Gulp because it catches lots of dust and it can be rigged up to hang nicely.

If you live in the Poughkeepsie NY area the best place to get your dust fittings is from Jim at Warren Cutlery in Rhinebeck. Jim tried to keep them in stock.

Hanging the Big Gulp

I hang the Big Gulp from an overhead pipe with a piece of gas welding rod. Hanging the dust hook allows me to quickly and easily move it out of the way or into position. See photos


Photo: Big Gulp Dust Hood 2

Photo: Big Gulp Dust Hood 3
Photo: Big Gulp Dust Hood 4
Photo: Big Gulp Dust Hood 5
Photo: Big Gulp Dust Hood 6

No Grill

I don’t have any grill, wire mesh, etc. in front of the Big Gulp. Real men don’t need grills! They just get clogged up with wood shavings. I have found that paper towels, sanding paper, etc just shoot thru the dust collector. No big deal.

Gas Welding Rod

Gas welding rod has gone out of fashion. Everyone, Arc, MIG, or TEG welds these days. You can still get gas welding rod from Mcmaster item #7972A181 (1/8″ RG 45 Steel – Copper Coated). I can’t live with out. I use it for all kinds of things around the shop. But, you could make due with any old piece of 1/8″ steel or aluminum rod from local hardware store.