Blog Moved from Quick Blogcast to WordPress

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Updated: 5/6/2022. Time marches on. Check out the HISTORY section at the bottom of Carl’ Woodturning Blog Intro for latest information.

I was forced by the GoDaddy people to move my blog from Quick Blogcast hosted by to WordPress hosted by

New and Old Blog address is the same.  No change.

“GoDaddy is discontinuing  Quick Blogcast on June 25, 2014 …”  Err……!

  1. I went with Quick Blogcast when I started by blog because it had good easy subscriptions that sent out email when I posted a new blog entry.
  2. I was able to set up email subscriptions on WordPress so everything works the same.   But, it was a pain.  I had to install “subscribe2” package and configure it.
  3. Then I had to manually transfer all of the old subscription email addresses to WordPress.   Everything should work the same.  If you were subscribed then you still should be subscribed.
  4. I manually configured WordPress templates to recreate the look and feel of old blog.   Not much fun.   I had to install a bunch of packages on top of basic Twenty Fourteen template.
  5. I transferred all of the old Quick Blogcast entries to WordPress so no posts were lost.   Some what manual process after searching for a solution on web.
  6. I did not transfer all of the old comments.   Only a hand full comments existed and manually transferring them was not worth the effort.

Hopefully  I am not going to get screwed again because my blog is now hosted on my own site with my own copy of WordPress installed.

I have been busy writing some new articles for AAW Journal.   I hope to be done with this soon and have more time to write Blog articles.

Updated: In retrospect moving to WordPress was a god send. WordPress is like 10 times better than GoDaddy’s old Quick Blogcast.