Label Your Tools

Photo: Label Your Tools 1

No Color Code

When someone saw the above photo they asked me. Do you have a “color code” for the bands on your tools.   I often get this question.

No I don’t. Long ago I started off in that direction. But, I just did not have the necessary discipline. I quickly ran out of colors (different shades of the same color are not good enough) and things get fouled up when you reuse a handle that was on a scraper for a new gouge. Etc.

I add the color bands to help me bring home the tools I bring with me to Classes, Demos, Learn & Turns, etc.  And I like lots of color!

White Labels On Ferrules

The white labels that I added to the ferrules of tools are very useful. They say things like Ellsworth – 2″ or Jordan – Ellsworth – 2″

I added these one day when a student was having trouble keeping my different gouges and grinds straight in their head. Now, everyone who visits my studio likes them.  One of my better ideas?

Jordan – Ellsworth – 2″ means that it is Jordan grind that I create using the Ellsworth jig with the tip of the gouge extended 2″ beyond the end of the jig (i.e. use the 2″ hole under my grinder).

When the grind and jig are the same then I just use Ellsworth – 2″. Ellsworth grind, Ellsworth jig, 2″ hole under grinder.

Photo: Label Your Tools 2

For more info on the grinds see my “Carl’s Modern Woodturning Tool Set” blog entry.

Photo: Label Your Tools 3
I create the labels using my “Brother P-Touch” label maker. Around $30 on Amazon. The printer is cheap so they charge you a fortune for the label tape.