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Photo: Turning Tools Bag 1
I came across this “Pie Iron” storage bag the other day at Dick’s Sporting Good on sale for $10.    It is made by Rome.  Item #1998.  $20 on Amazon.

I have no idea what a “Pie Iron” is but the price was right.   It is just the right size for carrying my turning tools to club meetings, etc.

I have tried all kinds of things for transporting my turning tools.  Tool rolls are hard to deal with.   Take up to much space when unrolled.  Get full of shavings and are a pain to roll up and fasten.  Its hard to find the tool you want when end of gouge is stuck into the roll.  I always seem to forget and put them in this way.

Buckets are kind of to big.  They tip over when you have to stand them up in  trucks and cars.   When you drive down the road they drive you nuts due to endless rattling.  They are heavy and awkward to carry.

I like this tool bag because it has a full zipper. I can find my tools easy and get them in and out easy.   It’s light weight.   I can zip it up easy to discourage shavings.  The price was right!

I lined one end of the bag with an old cardboard box to discourage holes from points of tools.  See photos.

Photo: Turning Tools Bag 1
Photo: Turning Tools Bag 2
Photo: Turning Tools Bag 3
Photo: Turning Tools Bag 4

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Photo: Turning Tools Bag 5

Updated: 5/17/2021. You can find and purchase a “Pie Iron Bag” on Amazon.

Note:I now have a travel set of tools. Thus, I no longer use this tool bag. See my Carl’s Travel Tool Set bog entry.

2 thoughts on “Turning Tools Bag”

  1. Nice idea. Too bad the Dick’s near me does not have it and its not on their website. By the way, it seems this is for cooking when camping. When I went to Dick’s, I started in the golf department. That was pretty funny.

    1. Alan, Sorry, I should have told people I bought it a few months ago. Blog entry was delayed until I could test it out. I used it for a demo 2 weeks ago at Kaatskill Woodturners in Hurley NY. Decided I really liked it.

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