Ram Board Workbench Cover

I found this new Ram Board stuff at Home Depot a few months ago.  It makes a great workbench cover!

They sell it to protect fancy tile and wood floors in houses while they are building them or remodeling.

Photo: Ram Board Roll Ram Board Roll

Ram board comes in 38 inch by 50 foot rolls. At $30 it is close to my price limit. But, I like it. It is thick and tough. After a couple of days it lays flat.
Photo: Ram Board Logo Ram Board Logo

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Photo: Cutting Ram Board Cutting Ram Board

It cuts good and easy with airplane snips.
Photo: Ram Board for Workbench Cover Ram Board for Workbench Cover

It makes a good workbench cover. Thicker and thus tougher then the Red Rosin paper I use to use. I had to temporarily tape it down flat. I will remove the tape in a few days after the Ram Board and carpet under it flatten out.
Workbench Covers

Long ago, I covered my workbench with a chunk of carpet to make it softer. I don’t like to break turned bowls, etc when I accidentally drop them while working on them. I also don’t like them to slide around.

Then, a few years later I covered the carpet with a chunk of Red Rosin Paper. Because, I got tired of wood chips and saw dust sticking in the carpet. To hard to clean. The paper also keeps my workbench clean when I paint things. I often use acrylic paint or milk paint to decorate my wood turnings. When I have students, I often explain things by drawing on the paper.

But the Red Rosin Paper was to thin. It needed to be replaced to often. Because, I often tour it or cut thru it by accident.

For years I have been looking for something heaver, that was cheap and did NOT have a slick surface. I have used this new Ram Board stuff now for a few months and it works great!