Hang Up your Power Sanding Drills

Photo: Hang Up Your Power Sanders

I like to keep my Power Sanding Drills handy by hanging them on the front of my lathe.

My friends and students have copied this idea.  Thus it must be a good one?

Photo: Hang Up Your Power Sanders

Here is how I do it. I turn a simple knob out of scrap wood and mount it on the front of my lathe. I drill and tap a hole for a 1/4″ bolt. See photo.

It looks like I goofed. Both sanders in the photo appear to have a 2" mandrel on them. Normally I keep a 2" mandrel on one of them and a 3" mandrel on the other.

Photo: Hang Up Your Power Sanders

Then I carefully drill a hole in the case of my drill and run a piece of flexible electrical wire thru the hole. I drill the hole in a corner where they is really nothing inside of the case. In the photo you can see some scrap number 18 gray wire with a green stripe. One half of a chuck of brown lamp cord (zip cord) would work just as good. Stranded wire is more flexible than solid wire.

Note: I like to use a 55 Degree Close Quarters Drill for power sanding. I look for drills with metal gears. Most of the ones on Amazon, etc get lousy reviews due to plastic gears or bearings that don’t last long! See my “Blue Flex Sanding Disks” blog entry for more drill info.

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