Munro Carbide Cutter

Photo: $12 Carbide Cutter for Munro Hollower II $12 Carbide Cutter for Munro Hollower II

A replacement Carbide Cutter for the Munro Hollower II is $20+ from numerous commercial retailers.

The "12mm Round Shear Insert Fits 4 Tool RD12S" from Az Carbide is the same product for only $12.

I have several of them from Az Carbide and they work fine!

The Az Carbide web site says it is for #4 Hunter Tool. It does not mention Munro Hollower II. This is bad marketing. The Munro Hollower II and #4 Hunter Tool use the same cutter.

Note: This cutter will NOT fit the new Munro Wundercutt10 Hollower. It uses a 10mm cutter. The "10mm Round Carbide Shear Insert RD10S Fits 3 & 5 Tool" from Az Carbide may work. I DO NOT KNOWN! I have not tried it.

Photo: Az Carbide Shopping Cart Az Carbide Shopping Cart

You can purchase things from Az Carbide's eBay store or directly from

Prices are little cheaper and shipping is flat rate $3 at

Note: Az Carbide is just one of several vendors who are selling carbide cutters on eBay.

Photo: Munro Hollower II Munro Hollower II

The "12mm Round Shear Insert Fits 4 Tool RD12S" from Az Carbide fits the Munro Hollower II. The one in the photo on the right.

Photo: Get a Carbide Cutter Tip Get a Carbide Cutter

One of the tips in my "Munro Hollower Demo" write up is:

"Get a Carbide Cutter for your Munro Hollower!

At $24 the carbide cutter for the Munro Hollower2 is not cheap. But it is a great investment because it will really speed up the learning process.

The HSS cutters that come standard with the Munro Hollower suck because you have to stop often to rotate the cutter to a new sharp area or sharpen the cutter. Sharpening the cutter is extremely frustrating!

Each time you stop to dork with the cutter and then go back to work. It is like you have a completely new tool that you have to learn to use all over again from scratch!

For more info see my “Munro Hollower Demo” blog entry.

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