Munro Hollower Demo

Photo: Munro Hollower Demo 1

Click here for the PDF demo handout.

The Munro Hollower2 is a great tool for making vases and hollow forms.

This demo shows how I hollow a bowl and vase with the Munro Hollower 2. I cover lots of tips and tricks that will allow you to hit the ground running and quickly learn to love the Munro Hollower 2.

I start by hollowing a bowl with a deeply under cut rim. This allows me to show how the hollower cuts on the outside of a bowl where you can see it. Then I go inside the bowl and under cut the rim with the hollower. If time permits, I then hollow the inside of a big mouth vase.

Updated: 9/4/2020. I will still do this demo however for your club or symposium. However, I personally have moved on beyond the Munro Hollower.

I now do most of my hollowing with a Trent Bosch “3/4″ Hollowing Tool Stabilizer” with a Bosch “3/4″ Carbide Straight Hollowing Tool” and a “Trent Bosch Visualizer” TV rig. I really love my Munro Hollower. However, the Bosch hollowing tool at $90 is a LOT CHEAPER than a Munro Hollower2 at $370. Thus, the Bosch hollowing tool is a better option for most people.

I also have a newer “Carl’s TV Hollowing Rig” blog entry. Click here for that blog entry.