Viking Sunset Bowl

Photo: Viking Sunset Bowl 1
Here is a Nick Agar style Viking Sunset Bowl that I just finished. 8″ diameter by 2″ tall. I really enjoyed making this piece. My students are also having a good time making these in my “Woodturning Workshop” studio classes.

I saw Nick make one of these in a demo at 2018 Totally Turning Symposium. I then purchased his “Viking Sunset Bowl Kit” from Chroma Craft. I also really enjoyed seeing Nick on the 2018 Woodturning Cruise in Norway.

Photo: Viking Sunset Bowl 2

Photo: Viking Sunset Bowl 3
I followed Nick’s directions in the kit. Plus Nick’s “Viking Sunset Bowl” article in “Woodturning” Magazine, February 2013, No 250 from


You need an airbrush to apply the stains and finishes in the kit.  At Totally Turning I saw Nick use Paasche brand airbrushes.  On the Woodturning Cruise, Nick used cheap $20 Harbor Freight airbrushes.  Nick uses more than one airbrush at a time.  One for each color and sealer.

Note: If you want a good Binh Pho style airbrush then you need to get something like an Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH for $250. Then you have  spend a lot of time cleaning it because it was  big bucks.

After doing some research I decided to go with a $80 Paasche VL airbrush.   Below, is what I ordered from Amazon.  All prices are on 12/2018.

I really like the Passche VL airbrush.  It is easy and fast to clean. I load each of the glass jars with a different color stain or sealer. Then I can easily switch back and forth between the colors and sealer by swapping jars.  I use the cup that comes with the airbrush and a lab squeeze bottle of denatured alcohol to clean the brush between colors or sealer.

Photo: Viking Sunset Bowl 4


Photo: Viking Sunset Bowl 5