Carl’s TV Hollowing Rig

Photo: Carl’s TV Hollowing Rig 1

Click here for the demo handout PDF.

I am not very happy with this handout. I need to make a better one.

I use a Trent Bosch Hollowing Stabilizer rig with a Rolly Munro cutter head.

I really love the Bosch Stabilizer. Because, it takes all the stress out of holding the hollowing tool level and it does not let the hollowing tool twist or roll over. However, It DOES NOT restrict my movement. I still have a tool handle, like on my bowl gouges and free hand hollowing tools. I can keep that tool handle up against my body, unlock my knees and use my body to hollow out a nice shape. Just like, I do when turning a bowl. Just like, I have practiced over and over again, while learning to turn a bowl. I don’t like any of the other hollowing rigs (Jamieson, Elbo, Monster, etc) because they restrict my movement and I have to maneuver the tools using just my arms. I can’t use my body.

I use a “Munro Hollower II” cutter head with a carbide cutter. I purchase the cutter head from Steve Sinner and supply my own custom 3/4″ steel bar. I like the older “Munro Hollower II” rather than the new “Munro Wundercutt 10 Hollower”. The new one does not work as well for this application.

I have created my own TV system. Finding the right camera is a HUGE problem. Thus I recommend people purchase the Trent Bosch Visualizer system. It is not cheap at $650. However, making your own system may approach this cost after a few miss steps, etc.

Updated: 9/4/2020. I will still do this demo however for your club or symposium. However, I personally have moved on beyond the Munro Hollower.

I now do most of my hollowing with a Trent Bosch “3/4″ Hollowing Tool Stabilizer” with a Bosch “3/4″ Carbide Straight Hollowing Tool” and a “Trent Bosch Visualizer” TV rig. I really love my Munro Hollower. However, the Bosch hollowing tool at $90 is a LOT CHEAPER than a Munro Hollower2 at $370. Thus, the Bosch hollowing tool is a better option for most people.

I also have an older “Munro Hollower Demo”. Click here for that blog entry.