Done In One Day Vases

Photo: Done In One Day Vases 1

Updated: 4/23/2020. The vases are now for sale on my CarlFordWoodturner Etsy Store

I recently completed the above vases in a little over a week. One per day!

I needed to turn a vase in one day for a student demo. From green log to sanded, painted and finished vase in one day. It worked! No cracks and the vase dried out nicely.

I love having pieces that I don’t need twice turn, and/or paint and finish later. I am still playing around and experimenting. So far, so good.

The maple tree that I turned the above vases from was cut down in November 2019. Thus the wood was still green (wet) but not too wet because the sap was already drawn down for winter before the tree was cut.

The above vases were turned with my Travel Tool Set and Trent Bosh TV Hollowing Rig. They were sanded with Red Sia Soft Foam Backed sandpaper from Vince’s WoodNWonders and Mirka AutoNet disks from Buff Daddy. They were painted with high quality Montana and Golden brand acrylic paints, and Chroma Craft alcohol based stains. Then finished with clear Montana brand semi gloss acrylic finish.

I am going to let the vases dry for few more weeks. Then they will be for sale on my CarlFordWoodturner Etsy Store.

Photo: Done In One Day Vases 2I have been teaching my new painting and finished techniques in my Winter 2020 classes. My Winter classes are full.

I just published the dates for my Fall 2020 Studio Classes. Click here for more info.

Photo: Done In One Day Vases 3

Updated: 11/28/2020. For more pictures of the above vases see my “60 Covid-19 Hollow Forms” blog entry.

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  1. Great work, Carl! I love the colors… what type of acrylic finish did you use? I have tried Golden acrylic varnish and found that it is tough stuff, but doesn’t level well (painted on).

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