Abralon Sanding Pads

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Abralon Sanding Pads are manufactured by Mirka. I use them to sand polyurethane when finishing things.

Why Abralon Pads?

Nothing else works like Abralon! Accept no substitutes!

• Only Abralon allows you to sand Poly with out big scratches!

• I have tried lots of other sand papers. They are all to scratchy. Either the surface is to scratchy or if you catch the edge of the sand paper it leaves a big scratch. Abralon does not scratch!

• Abralon pads are faster and better than real or synthetic steel wool. They leave a flatter surface than steel wool.

• Abralon pads are not cheap but can be used for a long time if you keep them in good shape. Use compressed air to frequently blow the fine dust out of them. You can also wash out the pads with water.

• I put X marks on the back of my Abralon pads to keep track of much I have used them. If a fresh 360 grit pad is to much and a 500 grit pad not fast enough. Then I use a worn 360 pad.

Purchase Abralon Pads from Ebay

Photo: Abralon Sanding Pads 2
• I only use the 360, 500, 1000 and 2000 grit Abralon pads. Mostly just the 360 and 500 grit pads.

• I only use the 6” Abralon Pads.

The 2” and 3” Abralon Pads sold by popular Woodturning Suppliers are way to expensive and wear out way
to fast if you try to power sand with them!

• I purchase my Abralon pads on Ebay from Bowling Alley Suppliers.

Based on what I see on the web, Mirka sells the same Abralon pads to Bowling, Automotive and Woodworking industry at different prices. Woodworking places are the most expensive. Bowling is the cheapest.

• I just look for a supplier on Ebay that will sell me a box of 10 mixed grit 6” Abralon pads.

You specify the grits you want. Ask for something like 2 of 360, 3 of 500, 2 of 1000, 2 of 2000.

• On 3/22/2020 a mixed box of 10 is $28 ( $2.80 each). They are like $4 to $6 each on Amazon + shipping.

• On 12/7/2022 I purchased a mixed box of 6 for $20 + tax. Free shipping. $3.33 each.

I have also noticed there are more look-a-likes available on the web. I am sticking with Mirka Abralon pads.

How To Use Abralon Pads

For more info see my “Great Polyurethane Finishes” blog entry.

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