Circle Center Finder

Photo: Circle Center Finder 1

I came across this 10″ Round Center Finder on Amazon. $14 on 3/21/2020. I ordered one a few months back.

It works pretty good. It is fairly well made out of 1/8″ plexi with good printed lines that do not scratch off to easily.

Photo: Circle Center Finder 2
I improved mine by highlighting the 8″, 6″ and 4″ circles with red, green, and blue sharpie permanent pen.

I use an Ice Pick in the center of mine rather than a nail.

I like it better than my home made plywood circles because it is transparent. It allows me to see where the pith is on a log and play around with putting the pith dead on center or not on center.

Updated: 12/19/2023. Change bars in Blue on left.
Photo: Circle Center Finder 4

My students and I broke the above Circle Center Finder. It cracked and broke in half. It was only 1/8″ thick plastic.

I received a new one for Christmas that I like a lot better. See photo below.

The new one is a lot thicker (5mm = 0.21″, almost 1/4″) and thus harder to break. It is also roughly 1-3/4″ bigger in diameter than the old one.

The new one has a lot more markings and is easier to read. However, the markings are in millimeters rather than inches. I don’t care about mm or inches. I just look at the circles to line things up on center. I don’t use the inch markings on the old one.

Photo: Circle Center Finder 3

Google “Amazon 300mm Lathe Centering Tool”

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