Collet Chuck Revisited

I find collet chucks convenient for holding small work. For bottle stoppers, bird calls, etc.

Photo: Collet Chuck Revisited 1

Photo: Collet Chuck Revisited 2
The screw on Apprentice and Beall Collet Chucks are getting pretty pricey. I recently found a cheaper alternative in the metal working world. You can purchase a “Straight Shank ER32 Collet Holder” for around $25 on Amazon. If you already have a set of ER32 collets. Then you are ready to go. Otherwise you also need to purchase a basic set of ER32 collets for around $30 on Amazon. All prices on 5/6/2020.

Note: I talked about the screw on type (Apprentice and Beall Collet Chucks) in my “Collet Chuck” blog entry. You can also make your own collet chuck. See my “Shopmade Collet Chuck” blog entry.

Mount like Chuck Screw

Photo: Collet Chuck Revisited 3
You can just mount the Straight Shank ER32 Collet Holder in any 4 jaw woodworking chuck. Like it was the chuck screw. See photo. Just shove it in there and tighten up the chuck. The straight shank does not have any flats, etc like the chuck screw, but you don’t need them for small work.

Purchase on Amazon

Photo: Collet Chuck Revisited 4
Suppliers come and go on Amazon. Prices for the SAME thing vary a lot. On Amazon search for “C20 ER32 50L”. C20 is 20mm diameter straight shank. The 50L is the length of straight shank. ER32 is the collet size. I would go with the cheapest one. You get what you pay for. It is cheap Chinese junk. But, you don’t need high precision for small woodworking things.

Note: They also sell very similar MT2 (Morse Taper #2) and MT3 shank ER32 collet holders on Amazon and Ebay. You could just mount one of these in your headstock with out a chuck. I would NOT go that route. They are just held in by friction. When they come lose while you are turning something it is a real pain in the back side! Well, you could hold them in with a home made draw bar. But, then you have to remove your vacuum adapter.