60 Covid-19 Hollow Forms

Photo: 60 Covid-19 Hollow Forms 1

I have now turned 60 hollow forms in the last 3 months. During the Covid-19 shutdown. So far so good. They have kept the doctor away.

Click here for more photos and info.

Updated: 10/12/2020. Many of the above hollow forms are now for sale in my CarlFordWoodturner Etsy Shop. I am adding them one by one each day to my Etsy Shop.

Time For Something Completely Different!

Photo: 60 Covid-19 Hollow Forms 2

I ran out of FRESH maple logs. Thus no more hollow forms for now. It is time for something completely different!

I have started making Nick Agar style square wall hangings. I am using the techniques I learned in a class with Nick at Arrowmont last year. Nick’s technique. My artwork and designs!

Here are the first 2 pieces that I made in the last couple of days. I am happy with them, but they still need some improvements.

Updated: 8/31/2020: I created a whole series of wall hangings. See my Wall Art – Summer 2020 blog entry.

4 thoughts on “60 Covid-19 Hollow Forms”

  1. Wow!
    Much cracking?
    The 2 I turned both had some fairly minor cracking on the bottom. Not enough to ruin the piece but enough to be noticeable and highly annoying.
    I hindsight, I’m thinking I left the bottom too thick.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Steve, I had cracks early on. Then I started super gluing all my rims and feet. Soak them with super glue as a preventive measure. Before they crack.

      The super glue will make it difficult to get an even and consistent finish with areas that are not super glued. Thus, I always paint my rims and feet a contrasting color.

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