Gojo Supro Max

Photo: Gojo Supro Max 1
Gojo Supro Max is amazing stuff. The advertising says “Wash away your heaviest grease and grime including tar, oil, asphalt, and adhesives without harsh solvents.”

I have been using “Gojo Citrus Orange with Pumice” hand cleaner for long time. It works good.

Recently I switched to “Gojo Supro Max” hand cleaner. It works even better! It removes almost all of the paint and stains from my hands. It leaves my hands feeling good. It must contain some type skin conditioner.

Photo: Gojo Supro Max 2I use to clean my hands with lacquer thinner then use the Citrus Orange. Now, I can skip the lacquer thinner most of the time.

I got my Gojo Supro Max from www.McMaster.com in a 67oz box. Item #7667T21. I already had the matching dispenser. At $31 per box it is not cheap. But, it is only $6 more than a box of Citrus Orange.

You can also get it in 10oz, 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon bottles from other retailers. Lowes, Auto stores, etc. Around $6 for 10 oz on 9/2020.

Below is a vase I just made. My hands got all full of red stain. Now they are nice and clean after just one pass of Gojo Supro Max.

Photo: Gojo Supro Max 3