Pistol Style Airbrush

Photo: Pistol  Style Airbrush 1

Pistol Gun Style Airbrush. Some people have a lot of trouble with the trigger on top style of air brush. This pistol gun style trigger airbrush is more money than the $20 Harbor Freight airbrush that I like. But is a better choice for someo people.

I have this airbrush and it works good. However, I don’t use it that much. Some, of my students love it.
I kinda of like it. My problem is pistol style air brushes are top feed only. You can’t hang a bottle underneath like you can on my $20 HF airbrush.

Photo: Pistol  Style Airbrush 2I like the convenience of being able to just fill the bottles on 6 or 7 bottom feed $20 Harbor Freight airbrushes with different colors. Then switch between airbrushes when I want a different color. i.e. Nick Agar style.

Photo: Pistol  Style Airbrush 3There are a lot of cheap pistol style airbrushes on Amazon. Some with lower prices. I going to recommend the one I actually own. Click here for Amazon link. Note: This link is probably not going to last long. They come and go on Amazon under different manufacturer names. If the link fails look for “pistol airbrush” on Amazon.

Amazon sells more expensive ones from well known brands like Iwata, Grex. They are way to much money for me. I don’t need to spend big bucks on airbrush to do Nick Agar style decorations on my turnings. If a $20 Harbor Freight airbrush is good enough for Nick. Then it is good enough for me.

Photo: Pistol  Style Airbrush 4If you get a pistol style airbrush then dripping your paint out of 1oz twist top bottles into the cup on top works best. Twist top bottles like the ones used by Golden and Liquitex brand paints. They sell empty bottles on Amazon. Look for “1oz twist top bottles” on Amazon.

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