West System 5 Minute Epoxy

Photo: West System 5 Minute Epoxy 1I often use 5 minute epoxy to glue things together. I now use West System 5 minute epoxy.

I use to purchase my 5 minute epoxy in the ubiquitous 2 part syringes from local hardware store. Then Covid hit. I decided to purchase some bigger bottles of West System 5 minute epoxy on line.

I am now saving money and I like the West System stuff a lot better. It actually sets up in 5 minutes. Well, it’s made by West System. Thus, I should not be surprised. The West System is easy to dispense. I also don’t have to dork around with trying to stick the caps back on the syringes.

West System is Cheaper

Gorilla, Loctite, etc, 5 min epoxy is .85 oz total for roughly $5. West System is two 4 oz bottles, 8 oz total for roughly $25. (8 oz / .85 oz) * $5 is $47. Thus West System is high quality for roughly 1/2 the price.

Web Prices are Confusing

Photo: West System 5 Minute Epoxy 2Beware! West System sells 5 min epoxy in two sizes. Two 4 oz bottles, 8 oz total. Or Two 8 oz bottles, 16 oz total. This can cause some confusion when you are trying to compare prices. Because some web sites list the two 8 oz bottles as 8 oz, while others list them as 16 oz. Thus when you see 8 oz they may mean two 4 oz bottles or two 8 oz bottles.

I just purchase two 4oz bottles, 8 oz total for around $25 on 8/2020. Devcon, etc sell 5 min epoxy in roughly 4 oz bottles for less. I like the quality of the West System stuff.