Carl’s Artwork – Fall 2020

Photo: Carl’s Artwork – Fall 2020 1
Photo: Carl’s Artwork – Fall 2020 2

Some of the artwork that I have made in the last couple of weeks.

Star Bowl – Take 1 – A Screw Up

It all started, a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to make a copy of the above piece on the left. I made that piece in 2012. I called it “Rings of Rain Drops”. It is black milk paint over cherry wood. 1-1/4″ x 7-3/4″ x 8″.

I wanted to try to make something similar using an easier wood stain technique. I started with a 11″ square piece of cherry wood. I turned the square bowl, but I screwed up. I made the wide rim walls way to thin. They ended up less than 1/4″ inch and I forget to make them slightly concave. Thus they flexed way to much. There was no way I could cut rings on the lathe.

Thus, I had to give up and cut the corners off and make the piece round. I worked on it some more. But, then I decided it still sucked. I took it to the bandsaw and cut scallops in the edge. It turned out star shaped. I really liked the shape! But,then I over sanded the points and removed the pattern. See the above photo on the right.

I decided, I was on to something here. It was a good prototype. I just needed to make a better one.

Star Bowl – Take 2 & 3

Two better versions of the above prototype. I decided to call this shape a “Star Bowl”. The fronts are on the left. The backs are on the right.

You can see more photos in my “CarlFordWoodturner” Etsy shop.

Make 10

I always tell people you should made 10 of things. The first one is ok, but can be improved. The second one sucks. You over did it, when you tried to improve. The third one is getting better. You start to zero in and understand what makes a piece work. You need to make it curve “like that” in this area. You need to make it smaller or larger “here”. You need to be more careful when carving “here”. …

Star Bowl – Take 4

I love color! So, I decided to make the above start bowl with a “Fighting Kite” color scheme. The front is on the left. The back is on the right.

I really like it. But, there are some carving mistakes. Thus, I can’t sell it. I am going to keep it for my own personal collection.

Sunset Wide Rim Bowl

Now for something completely different.

I also made this sunset colored wide rim bowl in the last couple of weeks. The Front is on the left. The back is on the right.

Nick Agar’s Viking Sunset Bowl color technique on a bowl of my own design. The radial textures were done on the lathe with a spiraling tool. See my Crown Verses Sorby Spiraling & Texturing Tool blog entry.

You can see more photos in my “CarlFordWoodturner” Etsy shop.

Maple Leaf Plate

Hot off the lathe yesterday. I just turned and carved this Maple Leaf Plate. 9″ diameter by 1″ thick.

I went hiking a few days ago. It was a great fall foliage hike along the Hudson River across from West Point. At one point there were tons of really big Norway Maple leaves on the trail. I could not resist collecting a few (well a lot of them) to bring home and use in my artwork.

My $6400 Mini Lathe

Photo: Carl’s Artwork – Fall 2020 13

Bigger is always better in the USA. Here is my $6400 mini lathe. $400 for the mini lathe. $6000 for the stand!

I set up my mini lathe for a student. I wanted to show him that you don’t need a big lathe to make Christmas ornaments.

Maple Leaf Plate – Take 2

Photo: Carl’s Artwork – Fall 2020 14

Updated: 12/16/2020: Like I said above “The second one sucks”. This one is a failure. I learned once again that I can’t carve rings off of the lathe that look good. I also dug in to deep with my carving gouge in way to many places. It was not a good day in the carving studio!

Maple Leaf Plate – Take 3 & 4

I really like the one with the red ring. I also did a “Round and Brown” one for people who like that sort of thing.

You can see more photos in my “CarlFordWoodturner” Etsy shop. You can check out my latest work anytime on Instagram where I am “CarlFordWoodturner”.

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