Guitar String Wire Burners

Here is an old trick. I don’t remember who I learned it from. If you use Acoustic Guitar Wire Burners to friction burn lines with the lathe running they work better than Piano Wire.

Photo: Guitar String Wire Burners 1The Piano Wire burners sold by “KC Wire Burners” and others are a single strand of piano wire. Acoustic Guitar Wire is a single strand of wire wrapped by a second strand of wire. See close up photo of acoustic guitar wire. The wound wire creates a lot more friction. Thus you can burn a line faster and easier.

I have never seen Guitar String Wire Burners for sale. You have to make your own.

What Size Wire?

Photo: Guitar String Wire Burners 2Over the years, I have found, that I only use two sizes of wire. .035″ and .047″ diameter wires.

I have thinner ones and ticker ones. But I never use them.

Note: Anything close to .035″ will do. .037″ wire appears to be a lot more common on Amazon, etc.

I get Acoustic Guitar Wire from my local music store. Roughly $1.50 per wire. Ask for .035″ and .047″ Bronze Wound wire. Bronze, Steel, etc is really a don’t care.

Or you can order a set of wires from Amazon. See photo at right. A set is cheaper than individual wires due to shipping, etc.

Round Ball Handles

Photo: Guitar String Wire Burners 3You should ONLY use ROUND BALLS as handles on your burning wires!

It does not happen often, but it hurts like hell if/when the wire catches and the handles get ripped out of your hands. I known this from experience. It really hurts! But, you still end up with your fingers attached to your hands. If the handles are round balls.

People who use little chunks of dowel or sticks are really asking for trouble. Hopefully, no one is stupid enough to just wrap the wire around there fingers!

I use 1-1/4″ diameter wooden balls from my local craft store. Michaels, etc.

Make Your Own

Photo: Guitar String Wire Burners 4I have never seen Guitar String Wire Burners for sale. You have to make your own. It is easy.

  1. Purchase the Guitar Wire and Round Balls mentioned above.
  2. Drill a counter sink hole to hide the end of the wire. Drill a 3/16″ diameter hole, 3/8″ deep in one end of the wooden ball.
  3. Drill a 1/16″ diameter hole all the way thru the wooden ball.
  4. Insert your Acoustic Guitar Wire thru the holes in wooden balls.
  5. One end of the wire, usually comes with a little ring on it. You can use this to secure one end of the wire in the counter sink hole.
  6. Tie a knot in the other end. Make the wire roughly 9″ long and then tie a knot. It is not easy. But, it can be done. You will probably need to use some pliers and a vise.