Bosch Stabilizer Improvements

Photo: Bosch Stabilizer Improvements
I now use the Trent Bosch Hollowing Tool Stabilizer for all of my hollowing.

Here are three small quick and easy improvements I made to my Bosch Stabilizer.

1. Add a Wire. See green arrow and black wire in photo.

Installing or removing the stabilizer can be a pain. Because it is hard to handle when it unfolds and flops around.

A little piece of wire looped around the arm and a pin easily solves this problem.

2. Add a Knob (Adjustable Position Handle). See red arrow in photo.

I replaced the set screw that holds the tool shaft with an adjustable handle. I can now easily adjust the length or angle of the tool AS I GO. I don’t have to stop and fiddle around with trying to find an allen wrench for the set screw.

You can purchase a knob from local hardware store. Or you can purchase an Adjustable Position Handle, 5/16″-18 thread, with 3/4″ long stud from item # 6271K21.

3. Add Thumb Screws to Handle. See blue arrow in photo.

I replaced the set screws in the tool handle with thumb screws. Another improvement that allows me to easily adjust the length of the tool in the stabilizer or install a different tool. No allen wrench required.

You can get 5/16″ by 18 thumb screws from local hardware store. Or the plastic head thumb screws, I like are item # 91185A959. Two-arm, 5/16″-18 thread, 3/4″ long, Head 1-1/2″ wide.

Photo: McMaster Order

Note: In the photo you may have noticed that my stabilizer has a lot of holes for the movable pin. I created a custom tool rest for my stabilizer with my own hole pattern. Stay tuned for a blog append with more details.

Updated: 5/9/2021. For more holes see my “More Bosch Stabilizer Holes blog entry.

Photo: 1Updated: 5/25/2021. Change bars in green on left.

After I published this blog entry I got feedback from a friend. He really liked my idea. However, the 1-1/2″ heads on my knobs are to wide for his Bosch handles. Because, the screw holes on Trent’s handles are close together.

My friend recommends using item # 98704A805. Plastic-Head Thumb Screw with Hex Drive, 5/16″-18 Thread Size, 5/8″ Long, Head 1″ Wide. See magenta arrows in photo.

You kind of get the best of both worlds with these knobs. You can use your fingers or an allen wrench.

Photo: Laser BarsMy friend also replaced all of the set screws on his Bosch Stabilizer Laser Bars with knobs. He used my knobs for this. See blue and magenta arrows in photo.

I changed my McMaster order above to include both sets of knobs. The knobs come in packs of 5. i.e. if you order one item from McMaster then you get 5 knobs. The knobs are less than $2 each. I would just order both sets. Then, I would have some spares for other things.

Photo: Bosch Stabilizer Improvements 1Updated: 6/20/2021. The “Quick Change Knobs” sold by D-Way Tools for $15 are another option.

I do not own a set of these. But, they look good. They are 5/16″-18 thread.

More Bosch Stabilizer Holes

Photo: More Bosch Stabilizer HolesUpdated: 5/9/2022. You should also check out my More Bosch Stabilizer Holes blog entry.