Carl’s Grinder Stand

Note: This is actually part of an old blog entry that I split out of my January 13th, 2013 “Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder” blog append while fixing up the photos on my blog.

Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 1
Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 2

I mounted my new grinder on a new grinder stand.  It’s my 2nd generation stand.  My 1st generation stand was good. This one is even better.   A friend was over last week and, he really liked the height of my grinder.  Center of grinder wheel is 46″ off the floor.

I like having my grinder mounted on a stand that I can easily move around the shop as needed.  My new stand is built on a base I purchased from Grizzly tools a long time ago.  It is 32″ tall.  I just saw a very similar stand for less at Harbor Freight.

Here is what my new stand looks like:

Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 1
Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 3
Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 4
Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 5
Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 6

The stand is made out of 3/4″ local hardware store plywood. I buy the better, almost cabinet grade $38 plywood.  The stand is sturdy because I lock the plywood pieces together with 3/4″ wide by 1/4″ deep dado groves. All joints are glued and screwed.  All exposed plywood edges are belt sanded before assembly so they look nice. Sizes: Top platform 19″ wide by 11″, Middle platform 20″ wide by 10″, Bottom platform 20″ wide by 13″, Back 8″ wide by 19.5″, Middle platform supports are 9.5″ wide by 6.25″ + 0.5″ for dados.

BEWARE! I now recommend mounting your grinder on a “MOVABLE Plywood Base”. See my “Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup” blog entry for more info.

Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder

Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 7This blog entry use to be part of my “Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder” blog entry.

Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup

Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 8
You should also check out my more recent “Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup” blog entry.