Better Floor Sweep

Photo: Better Floor Sweep 1
Photo: Better Floor Sweep 2Last year I went out and looked for a better floor sweep. I actually found one that I really like. It is made by “Powertec” model #70282. Around $50 on Amazon on 5/2021.

Why is it better? Because the handle is adjustable! You can EASILY rotate the handle up/down and you can EASILY slide it up or down the clear tube.

Short people can move the handle down. Tall people can move it up. No more disagreements with my vertically challenged tall students.

Add 45 Degree Elbow

Photo: Better Floor Sweep 3There is one thing I did not like about the new floor sweep. There is no 45 degree elbow at the top to make the hose easier to handle.

This was easy to fix. I just added my own 45 degree elbow with a thumb screw hose clamp for quick and easy adjustment. See photo.

Adding my own elbow worked out good. I can quickly twist (offset) the hose 15 degrees to the left so it does not bang into my leg when sweeping the floor with my left hand. Those pesky right handers can offset it to the right.

4″ Hose Reel

I have 20 feet of hose attached to my floor sweep. I am sick of dealing with this hose. Thus, I also looked for an AFFORDABLE 4″ hose reel. Unfortunately I did not find one.

Fastcap makes a Super Reel for 10 feet of 2-1/2″ hose. To small for me. Others, make really expensive 4″ hose reels for commercial garages. Truck exhaust, etc.

Photo: Better Floor Sweep 4I found this home made 4″ hose reel on the web that I really like. See next photo.

However, I can’t give the person credit because there is no name or email on the web site. The web site is http://rogerxue–

There may be one of these in my future. But, it is to big for my studio. My ceilings are to low.

Photo: Better Floor Sweep 5

If you want to make your own. There are lots of photos at http://rogerxue– But, no plans.