Handy Rod for Oneway Live Center

Photo: Handy Rod for Oneway Live Center 1

Here is a quick tip. You need a rod to install or remove cones on a Oneway Live center. I like to keep the rod handy by attaching it to the tailstock on my lathe with a piece of nice flexible stranded wire.

Photo: Handy Rod for Oneway Live Center 2The rod hangs BEHIND the tailstock from the handle used to lock the quill in the tailstock.

The Oneway Live Center comes with a fancy “Knockout Rod”. It is a lot longer than you need to remove a cone. I save it for removing the point from my Oneway Live Center.

I just attach a little piece of RG45 Gas Welding Rod to my lathe tailstock. See photos.

Any 1/8″ diameter steel rod from your local hardware store will do the job.

Note: The white cone in the above photo is one of my custom cones. See my “Custom Centering Cones” blog entry for more info.