RG45 Gas Welding Rod

Photo: RG45 Gas Welding Rod 1

Anyone who has ever been to my studio knows that I love to hang things up with RG45 Gas Welding Rod. I keep a good supply of it on hand and use it for all kinds of things.

Photo: RG45 Gas Welding Rod 2RG45 Gas Welding Rod is copper coated steel. It is sold in 36″ lengths by the pound.

The rod use to be available at any local welding supply store. But, it has gone out of fashion and is now hard to find. I get mine from www.mcmaster.com #7972A123, $8 for 1 pound on 11/2021.

Note: McMaster recently changed their web site so it shows the shipping cost BEFORE you order.

I cut and bend the rod with 9″ Linemen’s Pliers from local hardware store. You need a full size (9″) set of Linemen’s Pliers to deal with 1/8″ steel wire. Not the cheaper mini ones they try to sell you these days. Or you can make due with a vise and hacksaw.

Note: I stole the words for this blog entry from my “Lathe Shower Curtains” blog entry.