Octagon Template Cuts Corners

Octagon Template Cuts Corners

Photo: Octagon Template Cuts Corners 1
Here is my “Octagon Template Cuts Corners” tip that appeared in the “Tips” section on page 15 of the AAW August 2020 “American Woodturner” Journal.

Lots of people use circular templates to mark and cut out turning blanks. When I make a plate or shallow bowl out of dimensional lumber, I just cut the corners off my blanks before turning. I have found that an octagonal template allows me to mark several blanks quickly, showing where the corners need to be cut off.

After marking the blanks, I use a simple jig that allows me to cut the corners off my blanks at the table saw. The jig is just a piece of ¾”- (19mm-) thick plywood that safely holds the blank at 45 degrees and rides along the saw fence.

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Photo: Octagon Template Cuts Corners 2Updated: 12/27/2021. This tip is on page 56 of the new AAW “Tips + Tricks for the Woodturner” book.

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