Carl’s Turntable for Finishing

Photo: Carl's Turntable (turn_table_00)

Carl’s Turntable

I often use my homemade turntable (aka lazy susan) when painting and finishing things. It really helps me get a nice even finish on things with out finger prints.

Make Your Own

Photo: My Ugly Turntable (turn_table_09) My Ugly Turntable

My homemade turntable currently looks like this. I was recently painting something black.

Photo: Bottom of Turntable (turn_table_08) Bottom of Turntable

The bottom of my turntable.

Note the 3/4" access holes in the bottom of turntable. They allow access to the screws that attach the turntable bearing. See next photo.

Photo: Turntable Bearing (mcmaster_turntable) Turntable Bearing

My turntable is just two pieces of 1/4" plywood attached to a turntable bearing.

I got the bearing from McMaster-Carr ( item # 6031K21. $13 on 10/8/2021.

You may be able to get a cheaper one on Amazon, etc with free shipping.

Photo: Turntable Details (turn_table_10) Turntable Details

The top is 12" diameter, 1/4" plywood. The bottom is 9" diameter, 1/4" plywood.

This photo shows the turntable (green arrow) is attached to some 3/4" plywood spacers (red arrow).

The spacers allow me to easily slip by fingers under the top and pick it up.

Turntable Tips

Project Boards

I always use what I call a "project board" on top of the turntable. Under the piece I am finishing.

This board allows me to pick the piece up after I am done spraying it and move it to a warm dust free place while it drys.

Notice that one corner is cut off at a 45 degree angle. This is very IMPORTANT. It marks the start/finish line.

When I am spraying on a clear finish I start at the cut off corner and rotate the piece while spraying. I stop spraying when I get back to the cut off corner.

My project boards are cut out of scrap 1/4" plywood. They are around 10" by 7".

Styrofoam Scraps

I have lots of different sizes of styrofoam scraps that I use to hold up bowls, etc while finishing the bottom, etc.

Hollow Form Pole

I use a pole to finish the bottom of hollow forms and vases. The pole is made out of scrap wood.

Note: The hollow form in the photo is sitting in my "Downdraft Paint Booth".

Other Uses

Photo: Other Uses (turn_table_07)

Once and while I find other uses for my turntable.

Like when, I needed to trim the edges on the masking tape in the photo.