New Pinterest Gallery of Carl’s Wood Art

Photo: New Pinterest Gallery of Carl’s Wood Art 1

I have been working hard on putting together a photo gallery of my wood art on Pinterest.

It’s ready for prime time. Click here to check it out.

I created a user friendly (no Pinterest login required) front end to my big gallery (over 300 items)
on Pinterest.

Carl Ford Woodturner on PinterestI am dual posting on Pinterest and Instagram on a regular basis (almost daily).

Yea, I use to hate Pinterest. I preferred Instagram. I have changed my tune. Why? Because “Groups” on Pinterest make things easier to find!

Pinterest is also free and easy to update every day from my computer.

Note: I am “CarlFordWoodturner” on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Yea, I changed my last name to Woodturner. 🙂