2×4 Harbor Freight Airbrush Holder

Photo: 2×4 Harbor Freight Airbrush Holder 1

I like to spray Chroma Craft Wood Dyes from cheap Harbor Freight Airbrushes. The airbrushes are cheap. Around $22 each on 4/30/2022. Thus, I like to have one airbrush for each color. Like Nick Agar does in his demos and classes.

The airbrushes are a pain to deal with when not in use. They don’t stand up on there own. Thus, I created a cheap holder out of a 2×4 with a series of 1-1/2″ diameter holes.

I painted the 2×4 white so I could spray color samples next to each hole.

I really like this holder. I can easily move it around and store it on a shelf.

Harbor Freight Airbrushes

Photo: 2×4 Harbor Freight Airbrush Holder 2I really like the CHEAP Harbor Freight Airbrushes because they are cheap! I never have to clean them. Because, I don’t care if they get screwed up. I only lose $22 if I have to throw one away.

They also work good if you are not doing really fine work.

For more airbrush stuff see my Airbrushed Wood Dyes & Web Fx Paint Demo blog entry.

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