Website & Blog Moved to SiteGround

Blog Moved to SiteGound

On 5/6/2022 I moved my Website & Blog from GoDaddy to SiteGround.

I am now ONLY using

My email is still

If your bookmarks, etc currently use, please change them to use

Also change any old email addresses that you have from to will be DELETED in the near future.


The Straw That Broke The Camel's BackGoDaddy pissed me off. They never really got everything working after they upgraded my web sever on 1/8/2022. See my Leaner, Meaner and Faster blog entry.

The “straw that broke the camels back” is they changed my email to use Microsoft Outlook crap. It really sucks! They DELETED support for their old simple email system that worked great!

Then to top it off. GoDaddy wants to charge me a MONTHLY fee, FOR EACH email address. The old GoDaddy web server allowed up to 100 free email addresses. Err….

And GoDaddy does not support authenticated SMPT email from WordPress. I had to send old fashioned php mail that gets lost and marked as spam.


Caveman HistoryLong, long, ago, when I created my old website it was before the .us domain was available. GoDaddy offered the .info domain for free. The .com domain cost big bucks. So I went with .info and added .us later when it became available for a reasonable price. .us points to .info. or would take you to the same place. They were aliases.

Over the years GoDaddy started charging me more and more for and But, I had to keep because GoDaddy had everything tied to this web address.

GoDaddy also wanted to change me a lot for the SSL certificate for https rather than http. Times 2 for .info and .us.

When I moved to SiteGround, I could finally delete the useless

Why SiteGround?

Photo: Website & Blog Moved to SiteGround 1I chose the SiteGround “Startup” plan for the following reasons.

  1. Free Email
  2. Automatic Daily Backup (Manual backup on GoDaddy sucks. It only works before 6am.)
  3. Free SSL Certificate
  4. They specialize in WordPress. My blog is 100% WordPress based.
  5. Free WordPress Migrator
  6. SMPT Mail from WordPress is supported, fast & easy.
  7. Highly recommend by reviews, several places on the web.

I also liked a lot of other things about SiteGround. 10GB web space, Enhanced Security, Caching, etc.

It has everything that GoDaddy use to have for free. SiteGround is cutting edge.

GoDaddy is old, decrepit and held hostage by it’s money grupping bean counters.

Lightning Fast

Carl's Blog on GtMetrixMy website is still really fast! GtMetrix gives my web site an “A” grade.

GtMetrix ( lets you measure the speed of a web site and gives each site a grade from A to F.

I turned on most of SiteGround’s performance optimizations. Dynamic Caching, Minify & Combine CSS, etc.

I also made a number of changes last year to make this possible. I downsized and moved all of my photos to be inside of WordPress. See my Leaner, Meaner & Faster blog entry.

Photo: Website & Blog Moved to SiteGround 2

Note: A millisecond (from milli- and second; symbol: ms) is a thousandth (0.001 or 10−3 or 1/1000) of a second.

Photo: Website & Blog Moved to SiteGround 3