Magnet Bars for Tools

Photo: Magnet Bars for Tools 1
People are always asking where did you get XYZ?

I purchased the magnetic tool holders in the photos of my studio from Amazon. They are Master Magnetics brand. You can get black or silver ones.

Look for “Master Magnetics Nickel Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder 20 lb

Note: If you leave tools on them for a long time then the tool may become slightly magnetic. This does not bother me. I kind of like it, when my turning tools stick A LITTLE to the lathe tool rest.

Photo: Magnet Bars for Tools 2
Photo: Magnet Bars for Tools 3

Moving Away From Tools with Dedicated Handles

Photo: Magnet Bars for Tools 4

The 18″ long ash tool handles in the photos are NO longer available from commercial suppliers. I don’t like the shorter handles they are selling now. To short. I don’t like the feel of the handles. Wrong shape.

I like the “Jimmy Clewes Quick Release Tool Handle”. I like the feel of the 16″ long handle. It uses an eccentric (offset) collar to QUICKLY lock a tool in place with just a simple 1/4 turn of the collar. For more info see my “Travel Tool Set” blog entry.

He Who Dies With The Most Tools Wins

Photo: Magnet Bars for Tools 5

I don’t have enough room in my studio to keep all of my tools on wooden handles. I store the ones I don’t use often and keep around to show students on magnets attached to the back of one of my cabinets. I mount them in a Jimmy Clewes’s Quick Release Tool Handle when needed.

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