Magnets Capture Metal Grinding Dust

Photo: Quick Tip: Super Magnets Capture Metal Grinding Dust (grinder_magnet_00)

I have STRONG Super Magnets (Rare Earth Magnets) attached to the wheel guards on my grinder. The magnets capture the powdery metal grinding dust that is created when I grind my turning tools. See red arrow in above photos.

I got the idea from a "tip" in the AAW Journal. It appeared a few years ago. They had to withdraw the idea in the next issue because magnets that are not firmly attached to the grinder can be a huge safety problem. The magnets may jump around and stick to the grinding wheel. Etc.

I solved the safety problem by purchasing magnets with holes in them. I, attached the magnets to my grinder with #8 sheet metal screws.

However, You still have to be careful! If you get to close to the magnet with a turning tool (a bowl gouge, or what ever) the tool will be sucked down onto the magnet. It is NOT likely, but it is possible. It is a safety issue that I have decided to live with. I take my chances because, I rather not breath the metal grinding dust!

Photo: Purchase From Amazon (amazon_grinder_magnet) Purchase From Amazon

I purchased my magnets from Amazon. See photo on right. I looked for the strongest rectangular magnets with holes.

They are not cheap! $26 on 12/15/2022. Replacing your lungs is not cheap!

You need a STRONG magnet to suck metal dust out of thin air. The magnet I use has 81 pounds of pull.

Google "Rare Earth Bar Magnets 2" X 1" X 1/2" with Holes"

Photo: Attach with Metal Screws (grinder_magnet_02) Attach with Metal Screws

I attached the magnets to my grinder with #8 sheet metal screws. It was not easy. The magnet grabs drill bits and screws.

Attaching the magnets with screws is ABSOLUTELY necessary for SAFETY!

The wheel guards on my grinder are big and beefy. This made attaching the magnets easy. You may need to add a block of wood or come up with some other solution that works with your grinder.

Note: My grinder is a Dayton 2LKR9. See my Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder blog entry for more info. The brown walnut cover on the end of my grinder is a cover over my bowl gouge cleaning wheel. See my Bowl Gouge Cleaning Wheel blog entry for more info.

6 thoughts on “Magnets Capture Metal Grinding Dust”

  1. Great idea Carl!

    What problem does this solve? to ease Cleanup? to improve or avoid the health related issues that can be cause by metal dust?

    Question: how do you eventually clean the metal dust from the magnets? I imagine that it could be quite a chore.

    Thanks and as always, I find your postings informative, complete and very helpful.

  2. I put the magnet in a plastic bag before I stick it on. To clean simply pull the magnet/bag from the grinder, turn the bag inside out, remove the magnet. All the fillings remain in the bag.

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