Montana Acrylic Markers

Photo: Montana Acrylic Markers (blick_montana_markers)

I like to paint the edge of my plates or shallow bowls black with a Montana Cans (brand) 15mm wide "Shock Black" (color) marker.

Montana markers work a lot better than Sharpie markers, etc because they are paint markers that apply acrylic paint. The acrylic paint is thin like ink. It dries to a flat finish. No gloss. Thus, I always top coat my finished pieces with a semi gloss finish.

The 15mm WIDE tip works best for painting the edge of things. 15mm is almost 5/8" wide.

I also have 2mm and 0.7mm wide Montana Shock Black markers. I use these to touch up things. I don't use them often.

Purchase from

Photo: Purchase from (blick_montana_markers_order)

I purchase my Montana Cans stuff from Google "Dickblick Montana Acrylic Markers"

Montana spray paint is the brand that Graffiti Artists like. Thus, most local retailers DO NOT carry Montana Cans (brand) paints.

I recommend you start with a 15mm wide marker. Add a 2mm wide one when/if needed.

Montana's "Shock" colors are a subset of there big range of colors. Shock Black, Shock Green, Shock Red, etc. They are the best colors. I really like the shock colors.

Photo: Acrylic Marker Refills (blick_montana_refills) Acrylic Marker Refills

Montana sells just the paint that is in their markers. You can use it to refill their marker bodies. The Montana marker bodies are built to last. They also sell replacement tips.

Note: The 15mm marker body holds a lot of paint. You will not need to refill it often. You probably should hold off and purchase a refill when you need it.

Application Method

Photo: Application Method (montana_markers_usage_1)

I use a 4 step process to paint the edge of a plate or bowl.

I do the following ON THE LATHE while rotating the piece BY HAND. Mount the plate or bowl in 4 jaw chuck (or whatever) and then do the following:

– Step 1: Pump the marker on a piece of SCRAP paper to get the paint flowing. i.e. push the tip in and out on a flat surface.

1st Pass on the Edge. Paint the edge dead on square all the way around. Hold the marker up to the edge and use the hand wheel to HAND rotate the piece all the way around. See drawing above.

The paint should flow evenly onto the piece. No streaks! Pump the marker on SCRAP paper if there is not enough paint.

– Step 2: Frame the Back. Hold the marker at a 45 degrees to the back edge while HAND rotating the piece all the way around. See drawing above.

The angle of the marker determines how wide the frame on the back ends up being.

– Step 3: Frame the Front. Hold the marker at a 45 degrees to the front edge while HAND rotating the piece all the way around. See drawing above.

– Step 4: 2nd Pass on the Edge. Repeat Step 1 to add a second coat of paint.

Note: Just one coat of paint on the edges. Getting it right once is enough of a challenge. Don't tempt fate with a 2nd pass.

Photo: Frame the Edge of Bowl in Center (montana_markers_usage_2) Frame the Edge of Bowl in Center

After you get really good at the above then you can try this. Beware! It is EASY to get this wrong and end up with a black frame that is a LOT wider than you want!

With the lathe RUNNING SLOWLY hold the marker at a 45 degrees to the inside edge of the bowl. Just ONE quick touch. Pull back ASAP. See drawing on right.