Longer Oneway Chuck Wrench Handle

Photo: Longer Oneway Chuck Wrench Handle (oneway_shaft_handle)

In my not so humble opinion the bar on the Oneway Chuck handles is to short. It slips out of my hand, hurts my hand or I can’t get enough leverage.

I have replaced the 8mm bar in my chuck handles with a 7-3/4" long HARDENED Steel Shaft.

The 8mm shaft is a perfect substitute. No drilling, no fuss. Just pop the red end covers off the existing rod. Slip in the new shaft. Reinstall the red end covers.

I do not want the longer rod to bend easily. Thus I use a hardened steel shaft rather than cold rolled steel rod from local hardware store. I did this over 10 years ago. The rods still look like new. No bends.

The photo above shows the old black rod and the new silver 8mm HARDENED shaft.

Purchase from McMaster or Amazon

Photo: Purchase from McMaster (mcmaster_shaft_2023) Purchase from McMaster

You known you are always going to get what you order from McMaster. It will be a HARDENED shaft. But, you will have to pay for shipping.

McMaster Part # 6112K44 = “Hardened Precision Metric Steel Shaft, 8 mm Diameter, 200 mm Long”. $8 on 8/15/2023.

Photo: Purchase from Amazon (amazon_shaft_2023) Purchase from Amazon

8mm shafts are cheaper on Amazon if you get free shipping. Amazon sells Chinese stuff. They say it is HARDENED. But, is it really?

Google "Hardened 8mm Shaft 200mm Long"

Replacement Red Caps

Photo: Replacement Red Caps (mcmaster_caps_2023)

Purchase Replacement Caps

The plastic caps on the end of the rod have a tendency to get lost. You can purchase 5/16" diameter replacements from local hardware store or a life time supply from McMaster for $6.

McMaster Part # 9753K326 = “Round Caps for 1/4" to 5/16" OD, 1/2" Inside Height, Red”. $6 on 8/15/2023.


Photo: History (old_two_oneway_tips)

I published this idea a long time ago on February 2, 2013 under my "Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements" blog entry.

I am breaking up this old blog entry into two posts, each with there own title. This will allow it to be found by Google searches, etc.