Rotary V-Cutter (V-Tool Carving Chisel)

Photo: Rotary V-Cutter (rotary_v_tool_snap_02)

In January of 2023, I purchased a Rotary Carbide V-Cutter. It is a real game changer. It is like 10 times faster than a good old hand held V-tool or a V-tool in a reciprocating power carver. It is easy to use and control.

It is great for cutting straight lines or gentle curves. However, tight curves are better done with a good old V-tool.

Photo: The The “Shark”

I think they need a better name. I would call it the "Shark" V-Cutter.

It cuts real fast and easy like a shark. The cutter teeth are close together and have a slight backward angle. Like shark teeth. It cuts real clean in hard maple. The cutter DOES NOT jump around.

The cutting head is solid carbide. I agree with the marketing hype. It should stay sharp virtually forever.

Photo: 1 Minute Demo (rotary_v_tool_snap_01) 1 Minute Demo

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a little 1 minute video I made showing the Rotary V-Cutter in action.

The video shows me rehearsing the cuts then making the cuts. The straight cuts in the video are easy. But, I still like to rehearse first.

When cutting arcs, I like to rehearse first. Can I move the tool thru the arc? Commit the movement to my muscle memory.

Photo: Start Of Cut (rotary_v_tool_start) Start Of Cut

Starting a V cut where you want it can be a little tricky at first. If you site down the middle of the shaft it does not work! You start cutting in the wrong place.

You need to learn to site down the shoulder on the back of the V-Cutter. Line up the shoulder with where you want the cut to start!

Photo: Made by MasterCarver (masterc_v_cutter) Made by MasterCarver

It appears the Rotary V-Cutter is made by MasterCarver. MasterCarver is the house brand for "Wood Carvers Supply" (

I purchased mine from Mountain Woodcarvers ( It was $30 on 1/2/2023.

Google "Mountain Woodcarvers Mastercarver Carbide V-Cutter"

1/4″ Shank

Photo: 1/4

The V-Cutter only comes in a 1/4" shank version. Thus it will not fit in a Dremel style tool with a 1/8" collet chuck. You need to mount it in a 1/4" Die Grinder or drill.

I like the "Maxman 10.6 Inch Electric Drill Die Grinder". See my 1/4" Die Grinders blog entry.


Photo: Rotary Chisel (rotary_chisel_v_cut) Rotary Chisel

I have lots of Rotary Chisel cutters. Almost all of them. I really like them. However, they tend to jump around to much for some people. This can make them changeling to start right where you want them to start cutting. They, may also create a lot of tear out.

The Rotary V-Tool shown above cuts nice and smooth. No jumping around. Minimal tear out. Why? Because it has lots of closely spaced teeth.

Photo: Router V Bits (router_v_bit) Router V Bits

Straight up style V bits that fit in a router are common. They DO NOT work well for me. I find the sideways Rotary V-Cutter in a 1/4" die grinder is a lot easier to maneuver.

Cleaning Power Carving Burs

Photo: Cleaning Power Carving Burs

You should also check out my “Cleaning Power Carving Burs” blog entry.

Carl’s Carving Stand

Photo: Carl's Carving Stand Blueprint
Photo: Rotary V-Cutter (V-Tool Carving Chisel) 1

The plate in the video is held in a 4 jaw chuck mounted on my carving stand. See my “Carl’s Carving Stand” blog entry.

The Finished Piece

Photo: The Finished Piece (202208_plwm_10dx125t_11oz_pi_blog)

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