Rotating T-Square

Rotating T-Square

Here is a pointer to my “Shopmade Rotating T-Square” article that appeared on page 35 of the AAW June 2023 “American Woodturner” Journal.

Photo: Rotating T-Square 1
Photo: Rotating T-Square 2

I like to turn and embellish off center pieces, often square or rectangular works with a “bowl” turned in it. One challenge was how to lay out evenly spaced lines emanating from the bowl to make patterns for embellishment.

My solution was to make a circular rotating “T-square.” Unlike a traditional T-square, whose head registers on a straightedge, this one features a circle that registers in the bowl I’ve turned. This T-square allows me to draw evenly spaced lines and replicate patterns easily.

To read more see my “Shopmade T-Square” magazine article on page 35 of “American Woodturner, The Journal of the American Association of Woodturners, June 2023, Vol. 38, No. 3”. Or click here for PDF.

Photo: Rotating T-Square 3
Photo: Rotating T-Square 4

The Finished Piece

Photo: Rotating T-Square 1

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