Add V-Arm Shaft Collar

Photo: Add V-Arm Shaft Collar (shaft_collar_arm_grinder)

Add a Shaft Collar to Oneway Wolverine V-Arm.

Photo: Two Piece Shaft CollarI have added a two-piece shaft collar to the V-Arm on my Oneway Wolverine grinding jig. It allows me to quickly and easily install the V-Arm with out fusing around. See photos.

If you have CBN grinding wheels you will never need to move the collar. If you have good old stone grinding wheels then you have to move the collar after you dress the wheels a few times. A lot less often then you might think.

A 1" round shaft collar works on the 3/4" square bar IF AND ONLY IF it is a "Two-Piece" shaft collar. One piece solid or split collar will NOT work. They are just a little to big. The extra play in a two piece shaft collar makes it just the right size. Or you can just take it apart and grind a little off the flat ends.

Purchase from McMaster or Amazon

Photo: Purchase from McMaster (mcmaster_collar_2023) Purchase from McMaster

McMaster only sells high quality products. Thus the price is more than Amazon. This is an application where a cheap Amazon collar is good enough. Thus, I recommend you purchase from Amazon.

McMaster Part # 6436K18 =”Clamping Two-Piece Shaft Collar for 1″ Diameter, Black-Oxide 1215 Carbon Steel". $9 on 8/15/2023.

Photo: Purchase from Amazon (amazon_collar_2023) Purchase from Amazon

Shaft collars are cheaper if you purchase them from Amazon. It depends on if you get free shipping.

Google "Amazon 1" Two Piece Shaft Collar"

Cheap Stop Block Solution

Photo: Cheap Stop Block Solution (stop_block)

A cheaper solution is to just bolt on a stop block. Make the stop block out of a little scrap piece of aluminum or steel. Drill a hole thru the V-Arm and bolt it on with a 1-1/4" long 10-24 bolt.

Photo: 4x7x2 Stop BlockIf you have CBN grinding wheels you will never need to move the stop block. Or you can easily make an adjustable stop block with a hack saw. See my 4x7x2 Custom Arm for Wolverine blog entry for adjustable stop block details.


Photo: History (old_two_oneway_tips)

I published this idea a long time ago on February 2, 2013 under my "Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements" blog entry.

I am breaking up this old blog entry into two posts, each with there own title. This will allow it to be found by Google searches, etc.

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