Fancy “S” Hooks for Christmas Ornaments

Photo: Fancy

I discovered fancy "S" hooks for Christmas Tree Ornaments on Instagram. I then went and found them on Amazon. I like them. They add a little something extra to my turned wooden ornaments.

Size Comparison Photo: Size Comparison (fancy_hooks_01)

Most of the Fancy Decorative "S" Hooks on Amazon are to big for my tastes. To big for my small ornaments. They are 2" tall.

When I make my own fancy S hooks that look good to me. The right size. They end up being roughly 1-1/2" tall.

The first set of "T-Antrix Ornament Hooks … 45mm" that I purchase from Amazon were ok. But, kind of to big. To tall and to wide. 45mm is 1.77" = 1-3/4". My ruler says they are 1-7/8" tall.

I then went on Amazon and looked really hard for 1.5" tall hooks. No luck! I had to give up and try 1.75" = 1-3/4" tall hooks.

The second set of "REGENT Christmas Ornament … 1.75" hooks that I purchase from Amazon were better. Better, tighter spiral. Not as tall and not as wide. I like these a lot better. I can live with these. See above photo.

BEWARE! Both sets of hooks are made out of very stiff steel spring wire. You CAN NOT bend them to be smaller or have a tighter spiral!

Note: There a ton of very similar looking Decorative "S" Hooks on Amazon. I got tired of clicking on them and looking for the size. Almost, all of them say they are 2" tall in description.

Photo: 1.75 1.75″ Tall Fancy “S” Hooks

The set of Fancy "S" Hooks that I like from Amazon are 1.75" (1-3/4") tall. A little to tall for my tastes. But, less than 2". Most of the hooks on Amazon are 2" tall or taller.

They have a tight spiral and are not to wide. See Size Comparison above.

They are "REGENT Christmas Ornament … 1.75" hooks. See photo on right.

Google Amazon 1.75 inch Regent Christmas Ornament S Hooks

Beware! There are a ton of look a likes on Amazon. Look for "1.75 inch".

Photo: 45mm Tall Fancy 45mm Tall Fancy “S” Hooks

This is the set I do not like. See photo. They are to tall and wide. The spiral is not as good as the above. See Size Comparison above.

They are "T-Antrix Ornament Hooks … 45mm" on Amazon. See photo on right.

Note: In the title on Amazon it says 45mm (1.77" = 1-3/4"). In the description on Amazon it says 2". My ruler says 1-7/8".

DIY Fancy “S” Hooks

Photo: DIY Fancy

I don't think I really need to say much here. The above picture says it all.

Use 20 gauge (0.88 mm) SOFT brass or copper wire. Hold the end in the middle of what will be the spiral with long nose pliers and work your way out. Try not to kink the wire or make a sharp bend. Just use your fingers to bend the wire after you get the spiral started.

I like to leave the wire attached the roll for as long as possible. This helps me make a nice smooth spiral shape. I pull on the roll to curve the wire.

Note: They make "Round" nose jewelry pliers for bending wire. I have several pairs of these. They have there uses. But, I don't use them for this. I have found that just using a regular pair of long nose pliers to get the spiral started and then bending with my fingers works best.

Photo: Purchase Wire (ornament_screw_eyes_07) Purchase Wire

Purchase 20 gauge (0.88 mm) SOFT brass or copper wire from local hardware store.

I like brass. Copper also works, if you like the color of copper better or you can't find brass.

Purchase on Amazon if not locally available. See 20 Gauge Wire below.

Note: I use the same wire to make wire screw eyes for my ornaments. See my Screw Eyes for Christmas Ornaments blog entry.

Photo: 20 Gauge Wire (amazon_20g_wire) 20 Gauge Wire

I recommend purchasing 20 gauge (0.88 mm) wire from a local hardware store. See Purchase Wire above.

If you can't find it locally you can get it on Amazon.

Beware! I have not ordered this wire. Thus, I have not really checked it out. It just looks like it will do the job.

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