Solid Wood Christmas Ornaments

Photo: Solid Wood Christmas Ornaments (ornaments_solid_group1_2_800w)

I recently discovered that turning Christmas Tree Ornaments out of solid wood is a lot of fun. You don't need to waste time and effort hollowing them out.

I use to think you needed to hollow out your ornaments to make them light enough to hang on a tree. I was lead down the wrong path by way to many demos and magazine articles.

Turning small ornaments out of Cherry, Walnut or Maple wood works and looks great.

Photo: Classic Shapes (ornament_shapes) Classic Shapes

You can make all of the classic shapes and unleash your creative juices. Add fancy beads, finials and accents. Burn lines and cut deep grooves.

See above photos and Google the following for inspiration.

Google Classic Christmas Ornament Shapes

Google Solid Wood Turned Christmas Ornaments

You can also find "How To Turn Ornaments" articles on the AAW website. Go to After the login BS. Enter "ornament" in the Title box on Article Search page.

More Ornament Photos Photo: More Ornament Photos (cf_pinterest_xmas)

Click here for more photos of the ornaments are on my Pinterest Christmas board.

Hollow Christmas Ornaments

Photo: Hollow Christmas Ornaments (ornaments_hollow_group1_600)

This photo some of the HOLLOW Christmas Tree Ornaments that I made BEFORE I discovered making them out of solid wood was a lot easier and more fun.

They are Bird House ornaments and Sea Urchin ornaments. I hollowed out the bird houses. The sea urchin shells are hollow to start with.

Note: The top left one is a Sputnik Sea Urchin shell. The bottom right one is a Green Sea Urchin shell.

Google Turned Birdhouse Ornaments

Google Sputnik Sea Shell Christmas Ornaments

Carl’s Ornament Tree

Photo: Carl's Ornament Tree (yt_carls_ornaments_2023)

Click on the above photo for a short continuous YouTube video I made showing my new Ornament Tree.

Photo: Ornament Tree in Above Video (amazon_ornament_tree) Ornament Tree in Above Video

I purchased the ornament tree on Amazon. $46 on 12/15/23.

Not the cheapest option. But, I like it because it has branches that sort of look like a tree.

I am not thrilled with the white color. I am thinking about painting it. But, what color? Brown? My wooden ornaments are brown. They would be hard to find.

They also make it in gold and black. More colors that I am not thrilled with.

Google Amazon Tree Centerpieces for Weddings 30in – Decorative Ornament Display Tree for Tables

Photo: Turn Table (amazon_turntable) Turn Table

The above ornament tree is sitting on a motorized turn table that I purchased on Amazon. $34 on 12/15/23.

This is not the cheapest turn table on Amazon. I like it, because it comes with a remote control. Trying to find the tiny on/off switch on cheaper turn tables can be a pain!

I also like it, because, it comes with 3 different base sizes. The smallest size base works good for most of my stuff on Etsy.

The tops of the bases are smooth plastic! Not, stupid felt that picks up saw dust and dirt. Felt is almost impossible to keep clean.

Google JAYEGT 3 in1 Motorized Rotating Display Stand with 5.74/7.08/8.66 inch Replacement Cover

Carl’s Real Christmas Tree 2023

Photo: Carl's Real Christmas Tree 2023 (xmas_tree_2023_07)

Relax! I also have a real Blue Spruce Christmas Tree. I have NOT gone over to the dark side!

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