Storage Baskets

Photo: Storage Baskets (storage_baskets_00)

It seems like I am always ordering more storage baskets from Amazon. I keep finding more and more uses for them around my studio.

They are good for storing all kinds of things. Acrylic paints, sanding supplies, spray cans, etc.

They are just the right size. I have found two different sizes are useful.

I like what they call the "small" ones (10.31" L * 6.65" W * 4.41" H) for most things. For keeping sanding supplies, etc handy. The one on the upper left in above photos.

I use what they call the "large" ones (13.7"D x 10.28"W x 5.67"H) for long term storage of paint cans and big quantities of things. The one on the upper right in above photos.

Photo: Room for Label (torage_baskets_09) Room For Label

I like the "Fiazony" brand baskets because there is room for a label on the end and the handle on the basket does NOT stick up and take up to much space.

Photo: Purchase on Amazon (amazon_storage_baskets) Purchase on Amazon

The small "Fiazony" brand baskets are 10.31" L * 6.65" W * 4.41" H.

Google Amazon Small Fiazony Storage Basket

The large "Fiazony" brand baskets are 13.7"D x 10.28"W x 5.67"H.

Google Amazon Large Fiazony Storage Basket

Let There Be Baskets

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