Corner Code Your Sandpaper

Photo: Corner Code Your Sandpaper (code_sand_paper_00)

Here is my “Corner-code Your Sandpaper” tip that appeared in the “Tips” section on page 19 of the AAW February 2024 “American Woodturner” Journal. Or click here for PDF.

The sandpaper I like only comes in one color, light-brown. All the grits are the same color, so it is difficult to tell them apart on quick glance. I can easily recognize 80 grit by just looking at it, but when it comes to the higher grits, such as 180 vs. 220, it becomes a lot more challenging. I solved this problem by “corner-coding” my sandpaper. On 220-grit sandpaper, I cut off two corners; on 180 grit, I cut off one corner; and on 120 grit, no corners. I cut a notch along the bottom edge to distinguish the 80-grit sandpaper. The green board shown in the photo hangs on a wall in my studio to help me remember the code.

Klingspor Sandpaper Rolls

Photo: Klingspor Sandpaper Rolls (klingspor_ar33008_roll)

The brown sandpaper in the above photo is from Klingspor. See my "Klingspor Sandpaper Rolls" blog entry for more info.

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