Carl’s Contact Form

Let’s Not Waste Each Other’s Time

Please read! BEFORE you contact me.

  1. I am very interested in people who want to take classes.
  2. I may answer some woodturning related questions.
  3. Please contact me via the Etsy platform. If you want to contact me about things I am selling on Etsy.

    Use the “Contact” button on the right under my photo at

Things I am NOT Interested In

  1. I DO NOT purchase burls. Lots of people like them. I DO NOT like burls!
  2. I am NOT interested in FREE burls!
  3. I DO NOT purchase logs. Logs must be FREE.
  4. I am NOT interested in any old logs or old wood.

    I only turn logs with ABSOLUTELY no cracks in them. This effectively means a log must be FRESHLY cut down from a LIVING tree, with in the last 3 months and KEPT in the SHADE.

  5. I DO NOT accept commission work!

    I spent over 30 years working for IBM. Doing, what other people wanted me to do. I am done with that now! I am retired! I only do what I want! Then, I sell it on Etsy.

  6. I ONLY sell things via Etsy.

Other Woodturners in Hudson Valley NY

If you looking for someone to do one of the above things, then I suggest you contact one of the following:

  1. The Nutmeg Woodturners League in Brookfield CT.   Google Nutmeg Woodturners League
  2. Kaatskill Woodturners in Kingston (Hurley) NY.   Google Kaatskill Woodturners
  3. For Spindles or Architectural stuff that you are willing to pay for, try Jim Kephart in Manchester, CT.   Google Jim Kephart
  4. Others.   Google Woodturners in NY   Google Woodturners in CT

The Form

Sorry, You need to contact me (Carl Ford) via this form. I had to give up on publishing my email address on the web. I was getting way to much spam.

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