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Resources, Sources, Handouts, Tools, etc for Carl's Students.

  • A Modern Lamp for any Table    - August 1, 2021    [Carl's For Students]

    A Modern Lamp for any Table ThumbnnailLink to Carl's "A Modern Lamp for any Table" AAW magazine article PDF. How to turn a wooden lamp that looks great! A skill building project.

  • Airbrushed Wood Dyes & Web Fx Paint Demo    - September 9, 2019    [Carl's For Students]

    Airbrushed Wood Dyes & Web Fx Paint Demo ThumbnnailLink to Carl's PDF handout for Nutmeg “Airbushed Wood Dyes and Web-FxPaint Demo” on 9/9/2019

  • Antique Candlestick Demo    - February 28, 2014    [Carl's For Students]

    Antique Candlestick Demo ThumbnnailLink to Carl's PDF handout for "Antique Candlesticks" demo. Turning new Antique Candlesticks is a great way to improve your spindle turning skills and use up scraps of wood.

  • Banjo-Mounted Hair Dryer    - December 9, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Banjo-Mounted Hair Dryer ThumbnnailWhen I paint turned items on the lathe, I like to dry the paint faster with a hair dryer. Hand-holding the hair dryer would be tedious, so I made a tool post that holds the hair dryer for me.

  • Big, Bold & Fast Surface Decoration Demo    - December 7, 2018    [Carl's For Students]

    Big, Bold & Fast Surface Decoration Demo ThumbnnailLink to Carl's PDF handout for his "Big, Bold & Fast Surface Decoration" demo. The surface decoration techniques that Carl learned from Clay Foster in a June 2018 class with John Jordan and Clay Foster.

  • Bosch Stabilizer Improvements    - May 3, 2021    [Carl's For Students]

    Bosch Stabilizer Improvements ThumbnnailThree small quick and easy improvements to Trent Bosch Hollowing Tool Stabilizer.

  • Bowl Gouge Cleaning Wheel    - October 17, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Bowl Gouge Cleaning Wheel ThumbnnailCarl cleans his bowl gouges with a 3" nylon wheel attached to the side if his grinder when turning green wood. It is quick and easy!

  • Burnishing Tool for Wood Lathe    - February 27, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Burnishing Tool for Wood Lathe ThumbnnailCarl uses a home made burnisher to burnish the textures that he creates with his Sorby Spiraling and Texture Tool. Making a burnisher is easy and cheap.

  • Carl’s 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs    - November 27, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs ThumbnnailCarl's "Set It and Forget It" 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs System makes sharpening woodturning gouges QUICK and EASY! 3 Vari-Grind jigs are converted to 3 CUSTOM sharpening jigs.

  • Carl’s Carving Stand    - December 27, 2021    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Carving Stand ThumbnnailCarl's Carving Stand is bare bones simple and works good! You can make your own. It allows you to easily carve any piece of work attached to a wood lathe chuck or faceplate.

  • Carl’s Chainsaw Bench    - June 19, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Chainsaw Bench ThumbnnailCarl's chainsaw bench is built like a tank. For woodturners. It was designed to make things safer. Photos & plan PDF.

  • Carl’s Custom Centering Cones    - January 1, 2008    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Custom Centering Cones ThumbnnailLink to Carl's "Custom Centering Cones" AAW magazine article PDF. What they are. Why live center cones are useful. How to make your own out of UHMW.

  • Carl’s Grinder Stand    - May 18, 2021    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Grinder Stand ThumbnnailCarl likes having the center of his grinder wheel 46" off the floor on a stand that he can easily move around his studio.

  • Carl’s Hand Held Laser Depth Gauge    - December 26, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Hand Held Laser Depth Gauge ThumbnnailCarl uses his DIY Hand Held Laser Depth Gauge to show the depth of the inside bottom on the outside of vases, hollow forms and bowls. Am I deep enough? Can I go deeper? Have I gone to deep?

  • Carl’s Index Wheels – How to Make    - September 19, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Index Wheels – How to Make ThumbnnailHow to print and make Carl's enhanced Al Stirt style index wheels. Carl's index wheels have lots of markings that make them easy to use. Red dots on every other division, etc. Red, green, blue, etc highlights on 8", 9", 10", etc diameter circles.

  • Carl’s Index Wheels – How To Use    - September 19, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Index Wheels – How To Use ThumbnnailCarl shows how he sketches a pattern and replicates it using his Al Stirt style index wheels. Al Stirt's idea and method. Carl's enhanced index wheels.

  • Carl’s Jam Chucks    - January 22, 2023    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Jam Chucks ThumbnnailCarl likes jam chucks made out of 3/4" plywood and PVC pipe couplings. Carl's jam chucks are Drum Chucks that you can be used with or with out vacuum. How to make your own.

  • Carl’s Kiln Dried Wood Process    - August 8, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Kiln Dried Wood Process ThumbnnailCarl documents the blank cutting process he uses to get the most out of hardwood kiln dried boards for woodturning.

  • Carl’s Sanding Backup Pads    - January 31, 2023    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Sanding Backup Pads ThumbnnailCarl likes Sanding Backup Pads (mandrels) that are thin, low profile and HARD. He makes his own out of 1/4" plywood and 1/4" flat head bolts. He attaches firm and soft foam interface pads to make his hard backup pad softer as needed.

  • Carl’s Tool Rest Design    - May 29, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Tool Rest Design ThumbnnailCarl prefers, woodturning tools rests with a 1/2" wide, almost flat area on top of the tool rest. Like his VB36 tool rests. Photos and plan PDF.

  • Carl’s Travel Woodturning Tool Set    - December 2, 2018    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Travel Woodturning Tool Set ThumbnnailCarl's Travel Woodturning Tool Set. A set that can be EASILY take to demos, club meetings and symposiums. Carl also recommends this set for new turners.

  • Carl’s Turntable for Finishing    - January 1, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Carl’s Turntable for Finishing ThumbnnailCarl made his own turntable. He often uses it when painting and finishing things. It really helps him get a nice even finish on things with out finger prints.

  • Crown Verses Sorby Spiraling & Texturing Tool    - April 13, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Crown Verses Sorby Spiraling & Texturing Tool ThumbnnailCarl likes the Crown Spiraling tool better than the Sorby. Why? Wheel comparison chart. How to add a knob to improve the Crown or Sorby tool.

  • Custom Tool Handles    - May 10, 2015    [Carl's For Students]

    Custom Tool Handles ThumbnnailLink to Carl's "Custom Tool Handles" AAW magazine article PDF. How to make your own Custom Tool Handles from PVC Pipe and Heat Shrinkable Fabric or Elastic Mesh Sleeve.

  • D-Way Negative Rake Scraper    - April 23, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    D-Way Negative Rake Scraper ThumbnnailCarl likes and recommends D-Way Tools (brand) 1" Long & Strong Curved NEG Rake Scraper BM-NRS-34-LSC.

  • Essential Books & DVDs for Students    - March 13, 2015    [Carl's For Students]

    Essential Books & DVDs for Students ThumbnnailCarl's recommended and Must Have Woodturning Books and DVDs. By topic: Spindle Turning, Bowl Turning, Project Books, Picture Books, Hollow Forms, etc.

  • Face Shields    - April 22, 2019    [Carl's For Students]

    Face Shields ThumbnnailCarl reviews face shields. Face shields are HIGHLY PERSONAL. Therefore you should try before you buy. What are your options? Powered vs non powered. Etc.

  • Get A Grip    - November 7, 2018    [Carl's For Students]

    Get A Grip ThumbnnailLink to Carl's "Get A Grip" AAW magazine "tips section" PDF. Adding a layer of elastic mesh sleeve to a tool handle is a cheap and easy way to get a better grip.

  • Golden Ratio Calipers    - March 13, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Golden Ratio Calipers ThumbnnailCarl made a set of "Golden Ratio Calipers". He likes to use the "Golden Ratio" (1.618…) when turning hollow forms and wide rim plates. It allows him to create things with pleasing proportions found in nature.

  • Gouge Sharpening Templates    - May 17, 2013    [Carl's For Students]

    Gouge Sharpening Templates ThumbnnailLink to Carl's PDF handout for his "Sharpening Templates". For Ellsworth, Stirt, Jordan, and Hosaluk gouge grinds. Use with Wolverine and Ellsworth jigs.

  • Guitar String Wire Burners    - January 13, 2021    [Carl's For Students]

    Guitar String Wire Burners ThumbnnailQuick Tip: If you use Acoustic Guitar Wire Burners to friction burn lines with the lathe running they work better than Piano Wire. What size wire? How to make your own.

  • Lathe Accessories for a New Turner    - February 5, 2019    [Carl's For Students]

    Lathe Accessories for a New Turner ThumbnnailCarl's suggestions for a new woodturner. Join the AAW, Take a Class, Turning Tools, Faceplates, Drill Chuck, 4 Jaw Chuck, and Turning Smocks.

  • Lathe Shower Curtains    - March 26, 2015    [Carl's For Students]

    Lathe Shower Curtains ThumbnnailTip: CLOTH Shower Curtains are great for quick clean up. Make your own hooks and track (EMT pipe) to minimize the cost. Cloth! No plastic!

  • Martel 4 Way Caliper    - October 25, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Martel 4 Way Caliper ThumbnnailCarl recommends the Martel 4 Way Caliper. Expensive and worth every penny! The unique shape of the Martel calipers makes them really useful for measuring the depth of things (plates, bowls and hollow forms) while they are still on the chuck!

  • Mounting Plates and Shallow Bowls    - November 16, 2019    [Carl's For Students]

    Mounting Plates and Shallow Bowls ThumbnnailLink to Carl's "Drilled Chucking Recess" AAW magazine "tips section" PDF. A 2-1/2″ diameter hole is an easy and secure way to mount blanks for plates and shallow bowls on the lathe.

  • Natural Edge Bowls Demo    - July 16, 2009    [Carl's For Students]

    Natural Edge Bowls Demo ThumbnnailLink to Carl's PDF handout for "Natural Edge Bowls" demo. How to turn natural edge bowls using the versatile David Ellsworth Signature Gouge. And Carl's step by step Bowl Turning Process (Cut Edge and Natural Edge).

  • New Power Carving Burs 2021    - November 21, 2021    [Carl's For Students]

    New Power Carving Burs 2021 ThumbnnailCarl discovers and reviews Manpa Concave Eye Cutters, Manpa Mini Triangle & Round Cutters, Rotary Chisels, and Maillefer Concave Cutter Burrs.

  • Oneway Big Bite Spur Center    - May 8, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Oneway Big Bite Spur Center ThumbnnailCarl recommends the “Oneway Big Bite Spur” center for driving big things. Big blanks for bowls or logs for hollow forms. It only costs around $20 on 5/5/2020.

  • Oneway Jaw Jigs    - September 29, 2021    [Carl's For Students]

    Oneway Jaw Jigs ThumbnnailCarl's Tenon Size and Hole Size jigs for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck with #2 or #3 profiled jaws.

  • Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint    - October 9, 2021    [Carl's For Students]

    Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint ThumbnnailCarl recommends paint brushes and acrylic paint for painting on the wood lathe with the lathe running.

  • Painting On The Lathe For Dummies Demo    - August 18, 2008    [Carl's For Students]

    Painting On The Lathe For Dummies Demo ThumbnnailLink to Carl's PDF handout for "Painting On the Lathe" demo. Painting with the lathe running is easy! It is a great way to spice up and make beautiful artwork out of boring cheap wood.

  • Pistol Style Airbrush    - September 12, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Pistol  Style Airbrush ThumbnnailCarl recommends a Pistol Style Airbrush for people who have trouble with a trigger on top style airbrush.

  • Round Ball Carving Burs    - November 22, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Round Ball Carving Burs ThumbnnailGood, but not great, round ball carving burs from Rio Grande. 3/16" and bigger.

  • Sanding Cheat Sheet    - April 1, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Sanding Cheat Sheet ThumbnnailCarl's "Sanding Cheat Sheet" ties all of his sanding blog entries together. Wet Wood? Then use ... Already Finished? Spindle Turning? Bowl or Hollow Form?

  • Shopmade Collet Chuck    - November 19, 2018    [Carl's For Students]

    Shopmade Collet Chuck ThumbnnailLink to Carl's "Shopmade Collet Chuck" AAW magazine article PDF. How to make your own custom collet chucks out of UHMW plastic.

  • Silky Landscape Saw    - May 10, 2022    [Carl's For Students]

    Silky Landscape Saw ThumbnnailQuick Tip: Carl recommends a Silky Gomboy 210 Landscape Saw for woodturning. He uses it to cut off the tenon on woodturnings.

  • So you want to buy a lathe? A real lathe?    - July 31, 2015    [Carl's For Students]

    So you want to buy a lathe?    A real lathe? ThumbnnailCarl's unbiased comparison, review and recommendation of Woodturning Lathes for people who are interested in purchasing a real lathe. Powermatic, Oneway, Vicmarc, Robust, Laguna, Jet, and Nova lathes. 110 vs 220 volts. Lathes that Carl does not recommend.

  • Turning Smocks & Low Cost Alternatives    - February 28, 2019    [Carl's For Students]

    Turning Smocks & Low Cost Alternatives ThumbnnailCarl reviews Turning Smocks and suggests some low cost alternatives. Get one before nature calls or "She Who Must be Obeyed" outlaws woodturning due to shavings in the house.

  • Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup    - April 8, 2020    [Carl's For Students]

    Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup ThumbnnailCarl recommends the Wolverine Grinder Jig. It is the de facto standard! Here is how Carl recommends setting up your Wolverine.

  • Woodburners & Pyrography    - April 28, 2013    [Carl's For Students]

    Woodburners & Pyrography ThumbnnailCarl's take on the best Woodburners, Tips, & Books for woodturners. What he recommends for his students.

  • Workshop Blower for Cleanup    - October 15, 2018    [Carl's For Students]

    Workshop Blower for Cleanup ThumbnnailQuick Tip: A little blower is great for quick clean up. I just blow all the saw dust and shavings off of my lathes onto the floor and then sweep or vacuum them up.

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