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Golden Ratio Calipers

Photo: Golden Ratio Calipers (cbf_golden_ratio_calipers_blueprint_0)

I made a set of "Golden Ratio Calipers".

I like to use the "Golden Ratio" (1.618…) when creating hollow forms and wide rim plates. It allows me to create things with pleasing proportions found in nature.

The golden ratio tells me where the widest diameter of a hollow form should be relative to the top and bottom. It also tells we how big the bowl in the center of wide rim bowl or plate should be. Continue reading Golden Ratio Calipers

Carl’s Carving Stand

Photo: Carl's Carving Stand (cbf_carving_stand)

Over the years I have seen and made a number of different carving stand designs. Here is my latest design. It is bare bones simple and works good! I really like it. Continue reading Carl’s Carving Stand

Oneway Jaw Jigs

Photo: Oneway Jaw Jigs (oneway_saw_jigs_00)

Carl’s Tenon Size and Hole Size jigs for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck with #2 or #3 profiled jaws.

Over the years I have seen and used a lot of different jigs for Tenon Size and Hole Size needed to match #2 or #3 profiled jaws on a Oneway Stronghold chuck. Here is what I am currently using. Two very simple and easy to make jigs.

Remember that chucks hold best when the jaws are almost all the way closed. Continue reading Oneway Jaw Jigs

A Modern Lamp for any Table

Modern Table Lamp
Here is a link to my “A Modern Lamp for any Table” article that appeared on page 18 of the AAW June 2021 “American Woodturner” Journal.
Continue reading A Modern Lamp for any Table

More Bosch Stabilizer Holes

Photo: More Bosch Stabilizer Holes (bosch_stabilizer_holes_blue)

I added 10 more fulcrum pin holes to my Trent Bosch Hollowing Tool Stabilizer. Now there is always a hole in the right location! This really saves time and makes hollowing a lot more fun! Continue reading More Bosch Stabilizer Holes

Carl’s Chainsaw Bench

Photo: Horizontal Chainsaw Bench

Here is my chainsaw bench. It is heavy and built like a tank!

I use it to saw up all of my logs before turning them. This is like the 3rd or 4th generation design. I really like it.

I like to think of it as my SAFETY bench. It has lots of features designed it to make things safer.

Hint: Click here or on the photo for a PDF with out the blue background for printing. Continue reading Carl’s Chainsaw Bench