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Carl’s Carving Stand

Photo: Carl's Carving Stand (cbf_carving_stand)

Over the years I have seen and made a number of different carving stand designs. Here is my latest design. It is bare bones simple and works good! I really like it. Continue reading Carl’s Carving Stand

Oneway Jaw Jigs

Photo: Oneway Jaw Jigs (oneway_saw_jigs_00)

Carl’s Tenon Size and Hole Size jigs for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck with #2 or #3 profiled jaws.

Over the years I have seen and used a lot of different jigs for Tenon Size and Hole Size needed to match #2 or #3 profiled jaws on a Oneway Stronghold chuck. Here is what I am currently using. Two very simple and easy to make jigs.

Remember that chucks hold best when the jaws are almost all the way closed. Continue reading Oneway Jaw Jigs

A Modern Lamp for any Table

Modern Table Lamp
Here is a pointer to my “A Modern Lamp for any Table” article that appeared on page 18 of the AAW June 2021 “American Woodturner” Journal.
Continue reading A Modern Lamp for any Table

Carl’s Chainsaw Bench

Photo: Horizontal Chainsaw Bench

Here is my chainsaw bench. It is heavy and built like a tank!

I use it to saw up all of my logs before turning them. This is like the 3rd or 4th generation design. I really like it.

I like to think of it as my SAFETY bench. It has lots of features designed it to make things safer.

Hint: Click here or on the photo for a PDF with out the blue background for printing. Continue reading Carl’s Chainsaw Bench

Carl’s Tool Rest Design

Photo: Carl’s Tool Rest Design 1Here are some pictures and drawings of the tool rests that I prefer. They are NOT commercially available. You have to find someone to make them for you.
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