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Rotary V-Cutter (V-Tool Carving Chisel)

Photo: Rotary V-Cutter (rotary_v_tool_snap_02)

In January of 2023, I purchased a Rotary Carbide V-Cutter. It is a real game changer. It is like 10 times faster than a good old hand held V-tool or a V-tool in a reciprocating power carver. It is easy to use and control.

It is great for cutting straight lines or gentle curves. However, tight curves are better done with a good old V-tool.

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Rotating T-Square

Rotating T-Square

Here is a pointer to my “Shopmade Rotating T-Square” article that appeared on page 35 of the AAW June 2023 “American Woodturner” Journal.
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1/4″ Die Grinders

Photo: 1/4″ Die Grinders 1 Many of the bigger carving burs have a 1/4″ shank on the bur. Thus they will not fit in a Dremel style tool with a 1/8″ collet chuck. I recommend one of the following 1/4″ die grinders. Continue reading 1/4″ Die Grinders

Carl’s Slip On Custom Centering Cones

Photo: Carl's Slip On Custom Centering Cones (slip_on_cones_blue)

I now use my "slip on" custom UHMW cones rather than the "threaded" custom cones featured in my 2007 AAW Journal "Custom Centering Cones" article.

Some times you look backwards and realize you had "blinders" on. In 2007 I was replacing the Oneway thread on aluminum cones with my own cones made out of UHMW plastic. Oneway threaded on there aluminum cones thus I thought I needed to thread on my cones. It took years, but I have seen the light.

Slip on cones are better! They are easier to make and they are easier to use. Why? Because, they just slip on! When you press them up against something with tail stock pressure they will stay in place on there own. You don't need to waste time threading them on. Continue reading Carl’s Slip On Custom Centering Cones

Carl’s Sanding Backup Pads

Photo: Carl's Sanding Backup Pads (sanding_backup_pads_blue)

Click here for a PRINTABLE version of the above blueprint.

I like Sanding Backup Pads (mandrels) that are thin, low profile and HARD. I add (attach) firm or soft foam interface pads to make them softer as needed.

I don't like thicker pads. Low profile pads are better at getting into the tight space between headstock and bowl. Continue reading Carl’s Sanding Backup Pads

Carl’s Jam Chucks

Photo: Carl's Jam Chucks (carls_jam_chucks_page1_blue)

Click here for a PRINTABLE version of the above blueprint.

Over the years I have made and used a lot of different jam chucks. This blog entry documents the ones I like best. They are made out of good quality 3/4" plywood and PVC pipe couplings. They work good, are stable and vacuum tight. Continue reading Carl’s Jam Chucks