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Linear Actuator Blast Gate (12v DC)

Photo: Linear Actuator Blast Gate (blast_gate_linear_00)

Linear Actuator Blast Gate

Looking for a cheaper alternative to iVAC Blast Gates? Simple, reliable, easy to install, low cost? 12 volt DC Linear Actuators are the answer!

Here is my sad story about how I found Linear Actuators the hard way. I tried iVAC Pro Blast Gates and Servo Blast Gates. They cost to much and were not reliable. Then I found 12 volt DC Linear Actuators and used them to automate my existing blast gates. They are low cost, 100% reliable, and easy to install. They are the answer!

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Better Blast Gate Micro Switch

Photo: Better Blast Gate Micro Switch (dust_gate_switch_00)

Better Blast Gate Micro Switch

I have a big 2 HP dust collector in my studio. It is turned on/off by little micro switches on each blast gate. See red circle in above photo.

The micro switches are part of an old "Penn State Industries Long Ranger" system. The micro switches trigger a relay that triggers a magnetic motor starter.

Over time the micro switches have failed and given me trouble. I have replaced them with better micro switches that I have purchased from Digi-Key ( part number LS0851506F045S1A-ND. The Digi-Key switches are bigger and more rugged. Continue reading Better Blast Gate Micro Switch

Better Floor Sweep

Photo: Better Floor Sweep 1
Photo: Better Floor Sweep 2Last year I went out and looked for a better floor sweep. I actually found one that I really like. It is made by “Powertec” model #70282. Around $50 on Amazon on 5/2021.

Why is it better? Because the handle is adjustable! You can EASILY rotate the handle up/down and you can EASILY slide it up or down the clear tube.

Short people can move the handle down. Tall people can move it up. No more disagreements with my vertically challenged tall students.
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Workshop Blower for Cleanup

Photo: Workshop Blower for Cleanup 1

One of my students showed up one day with a little battery powered workshop blower. I tried it and I was sold. I had to have one.

I put it on my Christmas list last year and it is the best Christmas present ever!
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Lathe Shower Curtains

Lathe Shower Curtains

A “Lathe Curtains” tip in the December 2014 issue of the AAW Journal magazine inspired me. I decided to replace the dirty old painters tarps I used in my studio to control wood shavings with some nice new shower curtains. The new curtains work great and look great.

People say I have never seen an idea, I can’t improve. They may be right. I liked the “use cloth shower curtains” idea but the track, hooks and string shown in the article were to wimpy and expensive for me. I decided to make my own long and cheap hooks and hang them from cheap EMT pipe. Continue reading Lathe Shower Curtains

Big Gulp Dust Hood

Photo: Big Gulp Dust Hood 1

Someone asked about the Dust Collector in the photo behind my 3520B lathe.

I like the “Big Gulp Dust Hood” from PSI (Penn State Industries) sold on Amazon, Rockler, etc. I have tried others and I have made my own. I like the Big Gulp because it catches lots of dust and it can be rigged up to hang nicely.

If you live in the Poughkeepsie NY area the best place to get your dust fittings is from Jim at Warren Cutlery in Rhinebeck. Jim tried to keep them in stock.

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